The tale is a metaphor of the Mole and the frog.

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"the Mole and the frog".
In the forest near the swamp lived a mole with his family. He loved the quiet family hearth, order, comfort and purity. Near the swamp there lived a frog in an environment such as frogs. They jumped in the open, croaked, splashing in the mud and enjoyed the swamp stench, which is their fragrance. One day the mole decided to move to the other side of the swamp, because there was more bushes, grass and sun. Yes and it is time to create a family and to get away from parents. But he was afraid and lazy to crawl around the marshes and sat down to wait. It saw the frog and galloped to him.
- What are you waiting for, here?
- I want to move to the other side of the swamp, and not know how to swim and make a way to go around the swamp, don't want to.
- So let me help you. Get on the leaf - raft, and I'm moving you straight.
So they did and the mole settled on the other side. The frog came to visit him and sometimes he visited her in the swamp. So they began to live together. Although the mole did not understand and was far from the frog lives in the swamp, he continued to live with her. He thought the frog would like to live in peace and comfort, and she'll forget the bog. But for a frog bog is her element and although she was comfortable, warm and well in the hole with the mole, but she loved freedom and space. And in the hole the mole she was close. She always spent time in the swamp and when he returned to the hole to the mole, to sleep, she showered reproaches, resentment, accusations on the part of the mole.
- How you can enjoy life in the swamp. Because I give you comfort, warmth, protection? You will not be corrected and ruining my life.
- Yes, I love the bog, but with you I feel comfortable and good. So
I suffered a mole for years, living with a frog, scolding her for her lifestyle and passion to the swamp. A frog often went to the swamp in a circle of the same, as she found solace. But they got used to each other and it seems the connection was not possible to break. Mole lived unhappy and blamed the fate of the villain that he has to live with the frog. As he did not feed and was not created for her comfort and cleanliness, she always went into the swamp and into the mud. And even in the burrow of the mole created a mess. And even when the frog died, the mole continued to accuse her that she ruined his life and made him miserable.

Anna Vedi
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