The tale is fiction, but it is a hint!


🎥 the Film "Kink time" - just a storehouse of arguments against the irrational beliefs of all types.

"what shall I do, if not to believe."
"She can't handle it".
"You at least try it."

the Main character Meg is not like the others, but no worse than others. Unlike his younger brother, otherwise she is experiencing the disappearance of his father. Her thoughts, feelings, behaviour lead to conflicts with classmates and teachers.

"I today exclusive," says brother Meg.

Meg this sentence is surprising: "What do you mean exclusive?"

Brother believes that his father will return, it can be found.

Meg, together with his younger brother and a school buddy decides to go in search of his father.

They will have to defeat the darkness that is spreading in the Universe. To defeat the darkness when examining themselves, will be able to take their experience, their shortcomings.

So one of the witches in the gift Meg gives her to help "experience error."

- Why not feel delight and pain?
- Because you need to take yourself to return to yourself.
- I can't understand how my thoughts will help to find the father.
Fear breeds anger, anger enters the process.

"Everyone who is preparing a call of the shadows inside ourselves is the light"
"I Wanted to become someone else", she said.

after Passing certain tests to Meg will understand that it is important to be yourself! It is important to love yourself and your loved ones! Believe in yourself and your loved ones! It is faith and love will help her back to reality brother (to remove the spell of darkness).

Darkness feeds on fear, envy, judgment, expectations that filled the hearts of the people.

And the light of love, faith, confidence!

"Love looks not through the eyes and through the minds," - says one of the witches.

a Fantastic tale can be useful and interesting for both children and for adults.

At the beginning of the article wrote that the film - just a storehouse of arguments against the irrational beliefs of all types.

What do you mean irrational beliefs is subjectivity, false inferences, which are devoid of reality. Contain thoughts, feelings and behavior that prevents the achievement of the goals of a happy life.

Irrational beliefs lead to various problems in personal, family and social spheres.

In most cases, the person starts to emotionally break down whenever it is denied in the approval and love or when he fails in any undertaking.

it is Important to understand that the world is not perfect, like people. The world is what we imagine!

Dear readers, I wish You a rational life, thoughts, feelings and actions!

Thank you!

Maltseva Irina
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