The tale of "Strength in Goodness"


there was in the world a boy and his name was Dima. Dima was a very fun, active, loved to run, ride, like all kids. Even Dimka loved to play different active games with other children. Everything seems to be fine, but if something went wrong, or Dimka was not in the mood, he started to fight. He fought even in his sleep, when he suddenly time to get up, or when mom or dad put him to sleep. Fought when one of the adults will make a remark to him: "Dima, you can't! So behave just bullies.
- I'm not a bully! - shouted Dima, lashing out with his fists. And so was constantly battered by all: mom and dad, and a cat and kids in the yard. Dimka and swung his fists and kicked him, Yes, hurt so much and so hard that everyone stopped being friends with him. Dimka just wanted a cat to pet, and she once and will jump out of the house. I wanted the guys to play in the yard, and they hide, in all directions. No one wanted to play with the brawler. Dima didn't like that all it run and do not want to play with him. Approached the tree, became angry, grabbed a branch, wanted to break her, and the branch his forehead and burst. Dima grabbed her forehead and shouts
- Hurt - he swung a leg at the tree, only wanted to strike, he heard a rustling voice.
- who's noisy, and even fight?
Looking around, Dimka saw nobody but a big and powerful tree that he was hit with a branch.
- This is something I'm fighting? And who just kick me right in the forehead? - angrily asked the boy, holding his forehead
And are not you yourself a hit thread when you pulled it? Here in the forehead and got. I've been watching you and I see how you fight and the bully. loudly rustled the tree.
- I wanted to play with them, and they all fled, ' said Dimka.
- you understand why they all gone? You're fighting, and bullies anyone to be friends doesn't want to. the
I just wanted to show how strong I am! - said Dima
And you know that I'm behind a tree and what they call me?
- No, replied the boy.
I, the Oak is most powerful and strong tree. And my strength is that I help everybody and protect them. I have a very sturdy trunk and thick branches, they protect me from the strong wind. Birds after a long flight, snuggle up to them. Various animals under my strong roots to arrange a warm hole. And my feed on fruit, birds, mice, wild boars, squirrels and many others who pass by. So you need your power in the good guide, and not to offend everyone. said the Oak tree and rustled the branches
- to Send a power for good? And it's like?- asked Dimka.
- And there you see, among my branches, a bird's nest glanced in the direction? Not much else, and it will fall. Will correct it, and thus will help the birds to save the house. wisely murmured the oak.
- Correct? Well, I try - said Dima and grabbing hold of the branch, began to climb the trunk. Sitting on a large and sturdy branch, Dima, with the caution moved to the nest. The branch creaked so badly and loudly, as if about to break.
Ahhh, I'm going to fall cried scared Dimka and began to quickly correct socket so that it does not fall
Ehhh I am already old, all the branches I have creak and crack. Well, you Dimka fear not, I, if anything, to support you
- All corrected! Now have to somehow peel - said Dima, looking down
I'll help you, hold on - rustled the oak and a slight movement of the branches took off Dimka from the branches.
- Thank you! I thought a tear. - said Dima.
- And you're done! Not scared, helped me. Corrected nest. That this is a force for Good.
I'm the strong and brave. I like to do good!- said Dimka.
Blew strong and cold wind, a mighty trunk with a Bang beginning to swing in different directions, so much so that one of the branches knocked Dima to head.
- Ah, what are you doing? That hurts! exclaimed Dimka and looked at the tree,
Mighty and strong Oak tree stood before him like a wall and was silent, barely rustling the foliage.
Rubbing your forehead, Dimka remembered that I had told him Oak: "Power, for that would protect and help everyone." Having stood a little more at the tree the boy hugged him and whispered,
Thank you! I understand. Now I'll guide your power for good!
Dima with a smile on his face ran to the boys and shouted
Mitka, drop Earring, Bear, Light, where are you? Go! I'm not going to hurt You! Excuse me, now I will not beat you, now I'll protect you.
the Boys ran out from all sides and began to have fun playing catch-up.
Since then, Dima helped my mom and dad, cat Murka were treated to various Goodies, and your friends protected and never hurt.

Makarova Yulia
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