I've loved tales. Variety of everything to be magical and fantastic and with a happy ending. I learned to read early, because all for adults it was not until a little girl with her questions. and wrote the tale itself:

about a girl, very good girl, wonderful girl: the most obedient, the most independent, the strongest, the smartest, most began to wait for happiness, because no may not be a miracle with such a wonderful girl and then mom would love her, and even all of my mother's sisters and possibly grandparents, and then she wouldn't be so lonely. will try....

However, the girl felt that nothing changes, everything as her relatives did not notice and not notice, so, she decided, still need to try harder , to make more effort.

"I'll go to school, I will learn perfectly and then....", but again bobble.

"I'm going to play the violin, because it is the most sophisticated tool and not every girl will be able to play it..." wrong again.

I Tried the girl to get sick, ever regret who's.... Yes, you can see the body is strong, does not work.

And the girl decided, again at home don't understand - will establish itself in other people: peers, colleagues at school and work. And when talking about it all, and maybe mom will listen to and understand what her daughter.

However, the world had spit on it, but that's okay , you only need to do better than that. To work more, learn better. I will try...

And if your mother doesn't like that.

And determined girl that she never will be like her mom. And her life will be quite different: in this life, she will be the best husband, which is not important, important is that he will love her much more than mom. and their children she would love the most, will she be the most attentive and understanding mother in the world. Not like her mother. I will try...

and here he is the man of her dreams: strong, smart, in General the most. and my mother would see how much her daughter. and the girl herself is ready to give everything in my life, that would only be with him. Yes, it has no mind, no beauty, no money. without him she is nothing. so I will try....

And understand baby girl, gut feeling, not how it happens. And the man is not smart, but not enough, and lazy, and fights, and hates the girl. Yes, he binges happen, and to hit the can. And most importantly he does not appreciate the girl. But before she admit defeat? I will endure and be silent. Will try....

And then a son was born. Here it is happiness that man with my, which is completely in my power. I will try to do this for what I need. The main thing not to let go: how to go outside without supervision? and stronger to take care of, that he would not feel lonely, to fulfill all his requests, and then suddenly does not love. I will try very hard....

as Time went on. And the girl understands that she's single again. a lot of people around, and one she did not need anyone. and nobody likes it. and no it doesn't.

could not girl to make this and decided , well, not lucky for the first time, the second lucky and that another man will definitely not like the first. She's going to be very careful when choosing. I will try very hard....

And so was the girl forward, so that there was , and fled. Forward to happiness. only running was in circles, it's a happy ending of the fairy tale did not, as she had not tried.

Why has no one said that fairy tales do not always come with happy endings? I know that now.

I know that it is not possible to be always the best, because you can always find someone with whom you can compare. I got a lot accomplished, I have something to share with others, not for praise, not for what it had been. I'm proud of it. and that is my value.

I know that it is impossible to be ourselves if we live for others, forgetting about themselves and their feelings. Feelings to hide in work, in food, in alcohol, cigarettes, there are many things that can very quickly be fun, I know how to do it. I cleverly hid all life. but now I choose a different path.

I know that the people around may not know what I need. it can only know I am , and not ashamed to be weak and helpless . I am not the Lord Almighty. and this is also my value.

I know that they choose themselves. Her fears and victories, sorrow and joy, strength and weakness and huge desire to live.

I live! and it's perfect!

And this is also my value. I know I'm not scared to be alone because I'm not alone.

And what the outcome of your story ?

Elena laleva
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