The tale of S. Aksakov "the Scarlet flower". What is it about? Part two.


Each tale is a layer cake of meanings. Let's try to see these meanings in "the Scarlet flower". It is clear that this is what I saw. I invite you to read himself a story and to consider their own meanings in it.

to be Continued. The beginning can be read here

the Youngest daughter wears a ring on her finger and moved to the Palace of the beast of the forest. Looking around inside the Palace, never surprised (don't believe, read it for yourself) comes in the "green gardens", taking the flower with you. All the abundance, in the chambers of the Palace, described by the author, does not impress the girl, not surprising. No jewels in the decoration of the Palace, nor the curiosities of all kinds, nothing.

a quote from the tale. One house was more beautiful than the other, and more beautiful, as he told the honest merchant, her Majesty my dearest father.

What is with the girl? Spoiled parent? Mad at the circumstances? The value of the other? The author carefully describes the beauty of the Palace, I as the reader impressed, and she calmly, without emotion bypasses all the rooms, on the way encountered, and goes to the garden.

a quote from the tale. And she found a place high hill Maracay, which broke honest merchant scarlet flower which is not beautiful in the white light. And she took the scarlet flower out of the jug is gilded and wanted to put in place of the old; but it flew from her hand and clung to the stem of the former and bloomed more beautiful than ever.

And only this fact, finally, surprised the youngest daughter of a merchant. Back in their chamber begins to communicate with the owner of all this splendor. He reads her thoughts. He's capable of it, as we already know. To communicate with the girl your thoughts it shows "words of fire" on the wall, what she does is not surprised.

a quote from the tale. "No sir I am yours and obedient slave. You're my lady, and all you want, all you comes to mind, do I will hunt."

Every kind of subordination of the beasts of the forest, or so, the anticipation and fulfilment of desires captive, serves the purpose of his own salvation. The girl remains a prisoner, although this fact is denied by the monster, but the mood is changing, "she sat at the table veselchane", "after a dream she arose veselchane". What is happy? The importance understand? Escape plan invented? With the monster more fun than her sisters?

Remember the stories about the younger kids in stories, in fairy tales, soap operas and cartoons. Chance inheritance is not enough, you need to look for other ways for a comfortable life. Agnatic seniority and primogeniture are pushing Junior in search of other opportunities. From what he remembered at once: the "frozen" Prince Hans, "Downton Abbey" - all daughters. So, perhaps, my daughter saw the situation means to bypass the unenviable future. And the situation of salvation for the beasts of the forest for her, too, is the output. Not only the owner of the Palace is interested in establishing contact, but also the prisoner wants it. By the way, running it so never tried.

Moving on. Communication is ongoing, requests the captives are executed, in response, the owner receives appreciation.

a quote from the tale. "You don't call me mistress, and you always be my good master, affectionate and merciful. I of your will will never give. And thank you to you for all of your treat. Better your chambers high and your green gardens will not find in this world: then how can I not be happy? I spawn such wonders never seen before."

That thawed the heart of the girl, woke up feelings. In response she gives the handkerchief, embroidered with his own hand. And communication she likes more, she walks into the room where the writing on the wall appear, and it's not enough to read on the wall of these messages and I want to hear the voice.

a quote from the tale. "And she vozlyublyali his master's gracious day, and she saw that no wonder he call her mistress and that he loves her Pushcha itself."

Overcoming their own fears beauty, it wants more. But "Lord, gentle and merciful" knows that voice scare may push, so don't immediately agree, give to strengthen her own desire. And only then the voice, "terrible, wild, and loud, hoarse and husky", but still not at full strength he said. How reasonable! He presented gradually, she got over my fear and called "beloved master." Here it is - good fellows a lesson! Literally.

a quote from the tale. "Since then, time went have conversations, read, day - in green garden for a walk in the dark woods on the skating and all chambers high."

Needless to say, the further development of relations involves the following steps, namely, to learn more about each other, and to get close you want to "see". What asks the girl. Forest beast confesses his love for her and agrees to fully appear. Trust her, gives her a choice - no longer wants to stay in the Palace may return to her father and sisters ring now under her pillow. "I don't want your servitude and damnation," - says the girl. Openly says that still have not recognized that some time "Ms." was actually a prisoner.

This place started my long process of reflection. Yes, see here cheating, and they resent it. After thinking about the "seclusion" as a necessary action. Assume that remaining free would the daughter of a merchant to overcome fear and disgust, not run it from difficult experiences? I doubt it. The usual pattern in my timeline at the beginning of therapy clients "don't go in feeling" shunned them, not beat them, afraid of their own feelings. Occurs similar to the following - "No, I won't cry, and the tears flood your office." Arriving at the Palace, our heroine shows little feelings. I described this fact a little higher. So maybe she also needed special conditions in order to begin to feel and accept this.

Slavery in a distant Palace, away from family, in this case, gives a beautiful chance to live those feelings that seem unbearable at first glance, but when you slow them some relief. When she "matured" and passed some of the stages of living and overcoming, the beast of the forest gives her freedom, hoping that her choice will not be spontaneous. So the plot happens. Reliance on previous internal work helping character to cope with their own fear and the "heart timid girlish".

a quote from the tale. "It seemed the animals of the forest, (...) they walked till the dark night and led the conversation continues, affectionate and intelligent, and sensed no fear young daughter kupetsky, beautiful written. The next day she saw the beast of the forest (...) in the light of the sun red and, although at first, raspada it ispugalsja, but did not show it, and soon the fear that it just passed."

that way, patiently, slowly, taught or tamed a beast of the forest daughter of the merchant to his way to himself. Commendable patience! Closer to each other in a spiritual sense, it is important not to rush, it is important to see the other as what it is. Not give their own imaginative ideas and to see real, albeit unusual, even frightening in its otherness, but real.

In this tale, I will stop. I again see the plot twist, so I will share a story and I'll finish it in the next article, in the third part.

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