Look at our little inner dreamer ceased to weep bitterly, stream  of endless tears stopped, the breathing had slowed. He wiped his swollen, reddened face, he rose from his knees and looked before him, found that is at the bottom of the gorge, surrounded by steep slopes.

  replaced inner: «Well, what is this all ?!” somewhere, from the depths of his being, the rising tide of protest: “is wrong with me! So it is impossible! I—is also an important part of this world!”

⠀It fits closer to the rock, clinging to the ledge, her thin hands, pulls himself up, he finds his strength. His main goal is to get out of this abyss of despair.

⠀Where the terrain favors his efforts, allowing convenient to grab quickly climb higher and higher. Dreamer looks down, estimating that we have already overcome most of the way and continues his ascent.

⠀Gradually the wind increases, approaching lead, heavy cloud, thunder sounds, rain, sharp and cold.  the Storm as if trying to scare, to push and this sounds like: “You will not be able to take this height, you fall, your destiny to wander forever in the gorge!”

⠀Dreamer feels his fingers slip from the wet hooks the legs out from under rained small fragments of rock, his hands weakened, he struggles overcoming himself.

⠀Propped a few feet to see a small indentation in the rock —it's a cave. Its size is quite comfortable to hide, to wait out the bad weather to restore power. It looks like someone intentionally did this cave for our little dreamer, as if knowing in advance that she will be his salvation. There is even some driftwood to build a fire and keep warm.

⠀He's resting.

⠀gradually the Storm ends, the wind subsides, everything subsides.

⠀Time to move on.

⠀Our visionary quiet, it now has confidence that he will overcome the rest of the way, going up to the top.

⠀we Wish him good luck?)

⠀even on our way across the favorable circumstances and people (our of the cave with sticks), with which we can warm up, believe in yourself🤲

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