my Dear, place the test results about the border! (The test below, scroll tape)
Let us thank each other , keep this reminder to yourself! ⠀
Actually, I want to sincerely confess that I have not wanted to give interpretations on points. Many, seeing the picture points more frustrated,so


1. Many people think and perceive the border as a frame, it is not so.
Psychological boundaries is understanding own "I" as separate from others. That is exactly my feelings, my thoughts and my desires. Therefore, your "I" becomes stronger and brighter when you ask yourself questions, acknowledge your feelings, don't try to overcome your fears and negative in yourself. On my channel(YouTube Zina Shamoyan) is the technique: "stay negative"⠀
2. People without borders is dissolved in another, because of the "I" that is, the opinions, feelings, desires he does not, they rely on the other. So try today to share where your feelings and thoughts,and where else. It is enough to ask a different question and he or she will tell you that there's really ⠀
3. Strengthening borders promotes privacy, do you allow yourself during the day to be alone with him? To little in itself to restore order? If you forget, start today! ⠀

4. The best checking and setting of the borders occurs in the interaction with others! When we alone we and so we and when others have the ability to dissolve in another(lack of boundaries), or conversely, from the other fully closed. ( hard boundaries) In a harmonious and normal history you are closed and do not dissolve, you can be yourself, and the other other. It needs to be fairly open and understand their feelings, their desires, and allow yourself to feel the other, not to be afraid of other people's feelings and their desires. By the way, fear of other people's feelings and desires only occurs in those who are not acquainted with their desires, then the other with a confused and shock. So give yourself permission today was someone to talk to, hearing his sincere desires and feelings, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Shamoyan Zina
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