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"Tale is a lie, so it hint, good fellows a lesson!", - we since the childhood are familiar with these immortal words of A. S. Pushkin from "the Tale of the Golden Cockerel"... And, indeed, tales since ancient times, popular in any people, especially children love them. And adults also enjoy reading or tell them to their children. What are they so attractive? Response at the characteristic of this literary genre: "Tale characterizes the absence of claims on the historicity of the narrative, undisguised attempted plot" (Wikipedia). It is the attempted plot allows the tale to realize the most daring dreams of eternal youth or the magical transformations of universal justice and victory of good over evil.

the Attempted plot in common fairy tale with other genres - fables, parables, legends, anecdotes, stories, myths and others, so revered by the people. But the possibility to realize their dreams through the magic of these pieces everything is clear. And what is "the lesson of good fellows", which he wrote about the great poet?

the fact that any tale, parable, fable contains the wisdom of the people, a definite conclusion, a conclusion so they are designed not only to entertain but to teach, to educate the younger generation. Moreover, this training is very wise to bypass the natural protective reaction of the person, which is included in the response to direct pressure from another person. Indeed, in the tale also refers to the hero, though very similar in something on the reader or listener, but not of it... And this is an allegory much better penetrates into the consciousness and subconsciousness of the person, as it meets a barrier. This mechanism is known for a very long time. It's no accident that Jesus often used parables in his sermons.

This unique aspect of the tales began to use psychologists in their work, creating a new offshoot of art therapy, calling it therapy. Thus, therapy is the psychological correction of the personal problems of the client through the understanding of the plot of fairy tales or parables. The basis of the fairy tale therapy is the process of connection between the actions of the characters in the story, its plot and the reality of the client. The scope of fairy tale therapy has no age restrictions and is used in work with children and adults. In the course are art tales (and more popular), stories and parables, and a special psychotherapeutic tales.

In our Studio we make extensive use of therapy, mainly in work with children with deviant behavior (prone to cheating, stealing, aggression, moods, etc.), correcting the errors of family education at the request of the parents.

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