the Therapy is the treatment of the tale. The tale can be treated both adults and children.

when Writing the tale, you will be able to live some kind of traumatic story from your life, often it happens unconsciously, i.e. helping the heroes of your tales you are treating yourself.

the following is a real story of a client living in constant resentment of relatives and friends. The client in a fairy tale until I found the exit of the offense, he only saw a future of constant negative feelings, but it is not enough.(Published with his permission).

Tale Olelko

there was Alalka. It was a clever crank who lives in a small orange house. He had a lot of friends, it is all played, but sometimes it seemed to him that the friends pay little attention to him. Then he climbs spines like a hedgehog. He has done terrible and disgusting. Olaleke wanted at this point, friends regretted that few paid attention to him, cried piteously and asked for forgiveness, but for some reason everyone laughed. Each time Alalka was worsening during the resentment, but still he was not afraid.

But once in their city came a new girl Pripevochka, she came to visit Olaleke together with all and accidentally made fun of him. He took offense and released barbs. Pripevochka got scared and turned to stone. Once her mother the witch said that it is impossible to scare, otherwise it will be turned to stone. And so it happened.

at First everyone laughed, thinking that Pripevochka was joking, but then realized that a serious matter.

most of all worried Alalka. That's what ended his resentment. Now I had to do something.

the next day Alalka took the bag, wrote my friends a note and went. He didn't know where to go, decided to go where my feet take.

So it was 10 days, on the way to it, no one was caught, Alalka decided it was time to go home, but at this moment he heard a terrible roar. Have Olaleke fear began to get the needle, but he kept them on time. Meet him out the monster, it was so heavy that the earth beneath him trembled. Monster two hundred years had not seen people and was very happy.

It tried to hug Olelko, but the fear shook the legs. The monster saw this and said,

Hello, my first people for 200 years. I don't know who you are, but I'm glad to see you.

Olalla finally got over the fright and said:

- because Of my offense hurt an innocent creature, the girl Pripevochka, she has been petrified from fright.

- What do I hear? This is my daughter the witch said that it is impossible to scare. I hurried to her, I haven't seen her for 200 years, and by your grace she stiffened. I'll tear you apart for what you did to her.

the Monster got mad and tried to rush to Yalku. But Alalka managed to speak:

- If you kill me, you'll never find your daughter.

"right," calmed the monster will go looking for someone who can help us.

they Went 3 days Alalka fell into the pit, and there were a bunch of thieves, they wanted to eat it, but Alalka threw the needles, the robbers got scared and Alalka was able to escape from them. A monster at this time overheard a conversation between two crows who carried the miracle remedy for fear. Their crow scared the Fox and he turned to stone, the crows got hold of this tool and bring it home.

the Monster told Olaleke about crows, Olalla went to him and told his sad story. Crows took pity and cast a little money for Pripevochki.

Olalla with the monster rushed to Pripevochka. And then the monster stopped abruptly and cried:

I seem daughter in the enchanted, she's at once frightened and again turn to stone.

In this moment the beast turned into a man standing in a loss:

- Now I understand what was meant by the word witch: you will regain the appearance of a human, when you feel like a man, not as a monster. My tears returned to my former appearance.

Alalka very happy and they hurried home to Pripevochka.

Going into the house, Olalla misted Pripevochka drops and at the same moment Pripevochka learned of the father, embraced him, wept, kissed and thank AALCO, because he found her father.

Never before Olaleke was not so nice to hear appreciation.

His soul was singing, and needles had disappeared, as if they had never existed.

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