The therapy. When to use and how can she harm.


let's Start with the definition of the therapy. It sounds as follows: the therapy – it is a matter of practical psychology, literally means – treatment of fairy tales. Her goal — to help the child or adult to solve internal psychological problems. Main feature — a gentle influence and effectiveness. But, is this true? Is there any tale, even with excellent isolation excellent treatment? Or should think deeper about the role of tales in the reprogramming and that will receive output such treatment?

First stop on all methods of fairy tale therapy. Psychologists have identified four basic directions in this procedure:

1)Diagnostic. Helps identify scripts used by people in dealing with life situations! Using the diagnostic  defined traits, strengths and weaknesses, personality, talents, attitudes, life experiences and, moreover, often visible direct a script of his own life on the story.  carrying out diagnostics,  determined the root of the problem from the client. 

2)Correctional. Helps a person to create a harmonious image of themselves, to tune into a healthy pattern of behavior and correct negative patterns of perceiving the world.

3)Predictive. Helps a person to determine to what result will its behavior and position in life, existing at the moment. (again, please note, because of the program's favorite  tales)

4)Educational. Helps to relieve emotional and muscular tension, reduces anxiety, develops imagination, facilitates adaptation to new conditions.

I'm not in vain in the direction of "3)" in parentheses added that forecasting on the program laid down in tales. Very good modeling scenarios for the development of life on the example of the child and reading him stories brings to us the film "Baby walking or crawling on the gangster". From the point of view of psychology the film is an excellent example of the simulation of life when a child requires to read the same story and completely takes the place of travel it has in your own life. And as soon as he materialized this story in your reality, only then he reached for a new one. What does this mean? Yes, that little loaded child's brain, that is, for this reason makes the deepest emotional entry on the life script. Naturally, in real life a fairy tale read to a child  not always, and brings a variety of less favorite baby stories. Because the script itself stirred up a child's tale acquires several plants on the materialization of  and eventually stretched for life. 

Now consider specifically  two patients, one in childhood to associate themselves with the Nutcracker, the other with the Princess and the pea.  so: the Nutcracker. Offer yourself to think about what can happen in the life of a boy very fond of the Nutcracker. Thought? And with him was the following: the shackling of their actions, through the mutilation of his body (bend legs), then if you wish to play football there were constant injuries, poor vision, as it's hard to see their weakness and hope for a girl Masha, which will save it in my personal life search the same Masha-Savior. (deeper stiffness and expectations from Masha will not describe). Next, about the Princess and the pea - are all a lot easier. Real discomfort during sleep and one of the examples that, for example, when I started to sleep on the sofa, began to feel the rib of the sofa. Invitation of a specialist in furniture for this problem, it even made me laugh and the answer from this expert that in 10 years, he ran for the first time that the stiffener anyone can complain.

Now we can generalize, though, our stories. No fairy tales, which do not propose to plunge into the problem, not relive it emotionally. Download in the problem in the story is required! And then the way out of the problem and the solution,  so in the end, all was resolved safely. You know what I mean?! To the fact that in the tale is the struggle, wandering, pain, what you need to overcome all that. And because we have our global WORLD of struggle, of creating problems to each other, of finding solutions. Who else thinks the tales are harmless and that they are of good, when only in the sense that even though the victory of good! But, there is also the concept of duality and from what point of view, which side. For example, the same attack  in a global military conflict, the attacking party is estimated as injustice that the second side is something more in resources. And the one who wanted to fight and win, in the end, I got my life scenario to fight and win. Here, so  CAN the TALE to TREAT???!!! I think the conclusion is unequivocal - NO! If the tale about the modeling of the villains on the outside, fight with them, about the hard life, etc., THEN I CAN'T CALL IT a TREATMENT! But at the same time easier and more faithful to the search problem the client is not in therapy, when the question is asked and what is your favorite fairy tale was who you identified yourself as a child? Here is metaphoric associative cards as the most convenient way to isolate the problem. However, if a deeper look at the work of MACK, then again, it will be assumed the therapy, rather the Association of the tales of childhood.  

based On the above, I  urge to use the therapy only paragraphs "1), 3)" (diagnostic and prognostic). As for the points "2) & 4)" (correctional and educational), there is no fairy tales, only about how beautiful the world in which we live, as it is the most beautiful fragrant garden, etc., because necessarily hooked unfavorable for the script of life struggle with something, the breaking down of a poverty-stricken life in a rich, etc., at that time, as the treatment should ONLY be PERMISSION FROM YOURSELF to HAVE WHAT WE want. Hence, the treatment and development should be conducted by methods other than the therapy, but identifying the problems is a very good method!!! 

by the Way, another great addition! You know that the best time to download the settings after waking up when the brain is still not recovered from the rhythm of sleep and before going to sleep, when the brain moves into alpha and theta waves. And when you read stories to child? Ponder this! Therefore, let's compose a story about the most beautiful world for your child (can do even in the printing house to order him a special book, of your tale), about the beauty and harmony that invite to listen to the recording of birds singing, etc. before falling asleep.  

All happiness and goodness. With love, Mara. 

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