The therapy for adults. "Make a wish!"


Hello friends! Soon will come the most wonderful and magical holidays. And no matter how much we were not-we believe that the New year will happen is the miracle that will change our lives... So the therapy is always relevant for children and adults.

In anticipation of long-awaited holidays, I want to give you my new story

"Make a wish!"

Home again scandal. Before the New year 3 hours. Husband had catch with neighbors. On the old yeast after the last party, went like clockwork. And then, as usual, nitpicking, criticisms, insults...

Very soon will start to gather the guests, and the kitchen is complete devastation. Nedorezanny salad, unprepared for the pie dough, raw goose, which had yet to stuff and shove it in the oven... Lena suddenly realized that incredibly tired. Regards from another New year, always dissatisfied parents, drinking a despotic husband. Even a favorite and this cozy apartment was no longer happy.

the Woman approached the mirror. Sad eyes, pale skin, wrinkles in the corners of the lips, dull hair... For a second it seemed to her that this is someone else's reflection, so it was lifeless and joyless.

"Oh, my God...Because I'm only 35, but I don't know if ever in my life happiness?"

Unexpectedly for herself, Lena took a small bag, left there the necessary things and after 20 minutes went to the bus stop. The weather today was quite nenevestnaja. The cold, piercing wind, which didn't save even a warm coat, he decided to do everything to the woman returned home.

But Lena walked forward, hiding her face in the fluffy collar. And suddenly she felt that it was incredibly easy. The woman presented eyes awakened from a call of guests, husband, bewildered parents who can not understand why still not set the table and where they are obedient daughter, and surprised my sister with all my rabid family, accustomed to every holiday to come to Lena to eat and drink heartily and for free.

the Woman almost ran down the street and not because it was late. Hurry she was clearly nowhere. She fled from their drab, hateful life, full of the same, cold, dreary everyday life.

the Train, despite the approaching holiday, it was full. People were rushing, who is home, who to visit. Lena decided to go to the country. Fortunately, the key is always lying under the second Board of the porch.

She didn't care that there is exactly nothing that a cold and need something to heat that snow may have drifted so that at least a path to find, to give to approach. The main thing is to escape...

outside the window it was completely dark, the sound of wheels, and gentle rocking lulled, like a child.

the Woman winced at the sound of SMS and opened his eyes. The car was almost empty. On my phone 15 missed calls and as many texts. The latest, from the man, just shouted: "where are You, stupid?!! Already quite nuts!!!! Almost all the guests gathered!!!!!!" Lena paints submitted this picture and unexpectedly for me, laughed merrily. "Happy New year!", she wrote in response, and turned off the phone.

a Woman stepped out onto the platform. Magical mood and enthusiasm instantly evaporated. Around a soul, but to give to go in this weather for 20 minutes, no less. Lena looked around and suddenly on the far bench noticed a lone, hunched figure. She quickly came closer and saw a wizened old woman, who completely froze and sat skukozhivshis, as a sick old bird on the branch.

- Grandmother! How did You get here?!

the Old woman barely opened lips:


Lena took off his warm gloves and a scarf, trying to warm the poor thing. Thoughts, exactly like snowflakes in the light of the lantern was spinning and confused. She looked again at the old woman. Wearing clean, neat, warm boots, nearly new, a tramp does not like. Means lives in the family, and take care of her. If relatives know that grandma has memory loss, you should insure.

- Grandma, where do You live?

- Serezha. This is my son.

the Old woman barely moved his blue lips.

- And how do I find him?! in despair Lena asked , - can the phone it is?

- So in your pocket.

Well, of course, on paper all written. Address, phone...

picked up immediately.


Hello! I here Your mother found...

- Thank God! Where are you?!- the voice of men trembled and broke with emotion.

it Turned out that they live together, and while he ran to the store for something to buy for the festive table, Barbara S. was the name of the old lady, left the house and got lost, and if not for Lena, the story ended could have ended very sad.

in an hour, 10 minutes before the holiday, three completely frozen and perfectly happy people began to celebrate the New year. Varvara Sergeevna was happy that I finally was home and slyly looked at Sergei and Lena, who no could not stop talking as if they were familiar 100 years.

They drank champagne, ate a salad, laughing and again, and again remembered how wonderfully met.

It was the happiest New year in her life, and under the chiming clock Lena wished for his fondest wish...

She woke to the clatter of dishes coming from the kitchen. "What an amazing and wonderful dream, thought the woman, and opened her eyes.

there was a strange atmosphere, someone else's curtains, beautiful scenery hung on the walls.

the room looked the man in the dream:

' Good morning, my maiden! Breakfast is ready...

Lena squinted from happiness, fulfilled her new year's wish...

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