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a fairy Tale – lie, Yes in it a hint...

parents often complain about the undesirable behavior of their children, aggressiveness, tantrums, stubbornness, etc. I experienced this firsthand when my son was the crisis of 3 years. Obedient and smiling child suddenly seemed to have changed. He began to shout loudly, that if he did not like or he has not received the desired. At the sight of other cars on the platform he was hysterical, if it wasn't possible for the game to change with another boy. At home if he wanted candy, and I refused to give her, heard about it almost the whole street. And a lot of this can still tell you. But that's not it. The important thing is that I found a way to adjust the behavior of my baby. And it's not a punishment or deprivation of sweet and a ban of the TV.

This tale. In fairy tales lies a powerful educational and developmental potential. Most parents don't even suspect what an effective tool of influence on your child is in their hands.

I began to invent stories about a little boy who is constantly something happening. It left him all the toys, offended by the fact that the boy they threw. And came after the boy asked for forgiveness and promised to treat them carefully and gently. He was rolling on the floor and cried, and my mother couldn't understand why. Then the boy came to the Queen of Emotion and said that it is important to voice your feelings at the moment. For example, I'm angry because... Over time he has learned to verbalize their emotions. When he was angry, he was stomping my feet, when she was angry, told my mother and together they sought a way out of the situation.

the Method of fairy tale therapy helps with a child's fears. So, my son and discussing the stories about going to kindergarten and the clinic. Fear is gradually replaced by the desire of the child to go to kindergarten and to see how the guys play. Before going to the doctor, we also play in the hospital and thereby reduce the level of anxiety.

With the help of fairy tales the child's behavior is corrected, gently and unobtrusively. Now my son asks every night to tell him stories about a boy and always listens to them very carefully and with pleasure. I think he recognizes them himself, but the information is presented in these stories non-judgmental, as a fact of the narrative. And the exit path is quite clear and available to the child.

the Main hero of these stories was my son, and now we can look at situations that concern both of us. To empathize with this hero and learn from his example, finding the way out of disobedience, stubbornness and bad mood. Our fabulous boy became a bridge for neosoznanna and work with emotions and difficulties.

Sokurenko Anna
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