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Let me share a personal story.

I'm a grandma's girl. Love this man, cherish every word and action. And what was my condition when I found out about a serious disease. Someone will say, age... what You wanted. But when you love, age is just a number. The night before the operation I couldn't sleep, I needed help, and this help was... a fairy tale. Yes, the tale. She was not the grandmother, namely me.nbsp;

My little tale about the big man.
the story begins with a pretty little magic Searchesare forest, with a strikingly beautiful, tall and fragrant pines. On a beautiful spring day in a cozy and warm nest looking at the long-awaited tiny little chickadee with expressive eyes. Mom and dad were thrilled with her birth and protected her as best she could, with all reverence and love. The life of the tiny birds-titmouse was filled with children's joy and care, but in their house trouble came. In native forests was attacked by a terrible enemy, long and hard was the battle, all the birds of the forest were in the exhausting horror, felt hunger and cold, but most of them tortured the excitement for their husbands and fathers… as the War ended, peace reigned in the magical small forest, however, the war took many bold and brave, our little bird did not wait for his beloved dad, and she was alone, later on hatched into the light her little brother, which did not even have time to get to know our hero… br>
From the moment a carefree childhood of our birds was over, and she had to grow up prematurely. Later, the bird, the bird's stepfather, eventually the earth were the other brothers-Chicks, but unbearable it was our bird-tit to stay in the nest, closely become, but to see the savory life beloved mother bird-Tits no strength left. And decided little chickadee that she needs to become self-reliant, swung wings and flew into the big forest for knowledge (she was quite a few years, and if translated into human age – 14). Gain experience and knowledge, she became involved with young birds their upbringing and education, she loved his work, and in turn, fledglings and their parents loved and appreciated her. br>
as time Went on, and our little tit it was time to make a match. With other birds to spend time and develop them – that's fine, but its nest it is necessary to build… Parents birds-titmouse organized acquaintance with a beautiful feathered brave military of their own little Searchesare forests, and by mutual agreement it was decided and organized a ceremonial wedding for the whole little magical forest, this day the flowers had a special fragrance, as clouds conspired to hide, pleasantly hot sun, and blew fresh, a gentle breeze…

the Pair worked hard but to strengthen his nest they did not succeed. Duty spouse birds-titmouse had to live in different and very remote forests, making a nest every time they had to be rebuilt. And yet, newly minted bird family was a dream – their fledglings… a Very long time they were waiting for their own happiness, and one frosty day, when all the twigs in the snow shimmered blindingly in the sun, in the nest hatched a long-awaited bird-daughter. The years went by, the family grew stronger, later was born another great chick, life is complicated, but has become even more interesting. Our little chickadee never afraid of difficulties, she had so much strength and energy that she could share it with the world, and that still remained. Active, adorable, neat, always every feather to feather, smart, simply because of their incredible diligence, and our birds are really fascinating singing that wherever she began her song, so the forest flocked to hear… And how welcoming was nice, friendly, no holiday without it is not treated, loved her birds, and animals. br>
Where this family just visited for a summer, they flew about the floor of the magical world, and always tried to protect each other. But as time went on, her Chicks grew up and flew from the parental nest. Quiet and measured life had to interrupt. News from native forests told the bird that her mother needs care, and she immediately flew to help. It is always when someone needed help, he dropped everything and immediately flew, no matter the flight was the weather, or not flying... That was her spiritual aspirations, she could not let down anyone, neither the native, nor the alien. Soon, torn or care, she learns the news that took the life of her precious husband, and it was a real tragedy for the whole family. br>
Later, she's screaming for help with her bird-daughter. As the story goes, from that moment, our little chickadee itself no longer belonged, she gave all of myself completely and freely to those who needed it. Her heart was torn as she is by flying to one and then to another for help…

Time and disease took the mother birds-titmouse, suffered much because of our bird, but she could not feel sorry for yourself. She flew closer to the bird daughter, and was helping to raise their grandchildren-birds. When she talked about the fact that the heart is ready to pay for them, it was not empty words… she is so great and loving that even the greatest visionary to imagine never succeed! She was surrounded by grandchildren (as it was before with her own Chicks-children) caring incredible strength, sheltering from the rain, wind, snow, scorching sun, while wrapping his large warm wings, as in the soft and warming blanket. With his youngest granddaughter, in the circumstances, she spent most of the time, and between them formed a strong emotional thread, and if it could be seen, surely she would have been Golden, shimmering in the light, thin and almost imperceptible, but his strength is not inferior to the most robust in the light of the stone… little chickadee has always said that the most difficult thing in life – to raise Chicks, but she had a clear educational gift from God. br>
the Bird is over your way, got a huge experience and priceless wisdom, many came to her for advice, or just to be heard. Her strictness was always talking about her care and compassion for all other people's troubles. br>
one cold winter day to the bird-tit knocked evil. In a forest a Blizzard with force circled and curled all the tops of the trees. The nest broke black crow and enchanted our bird-titmouse. Little chickadee gave no sign that I was scared, so strong and surprisingly persistent was our little chickadee. Around her family, already grown baby birds in the nest, grandchildren-the birds, the time has come to return all that goodness, that light, love well – which life they gave our little chickadee! They tried to spell the wisest and lightest bird, the titmouse, to somehow help her out of the bondage magic black crow…

But in one unexpected moment a crow she was our bird, the titmouse, and cried out:
- “You think I'm evil?”.
- “do Not know” replied little chickadee – “What do you want from me?”. the
Crow it seemed this time it's not ugly, not dangerous, but on the contrary, she felt almost sorry for Raven, so she looked lost…
- “What is it, Crow?” said quietly, little chickadee.
And from this tact, courtesy and sincere sympathy to her, Raven could hardly keep his tears:
- "You're… you're so fine, little chickadee. You have kindness, confidence, justice, over the years you nurtured even more. What's your talent, how much energy, ideas… all my life I was jealous of you… But most of all, I did not give rest, so it's your huge heart, would you ever in love??? And is it possible, that so liked you???”. br>
the Raven continued to cry as at this moment, exhausted from an evil spell little chickadee hugged carrion crow, lifted her beak and calmly and sincerely said:
- “You can be anything, and even a hundred times better than me, Crow…”. br>
At this point, Raven could not resist such tenderness, she waved her large black wings and flew away into the darkness…

After that strange conversation little chickadee began to feel much better, and enchantment, even if they are not completely vanished, gave her the awareness and joy of how much it's worth and loved…

After writing the stories, already in the fifth hour of the night, I finally fell asleep. Here's the therapy in action... Write stories, thanks to them becomes easier.

take care of yourself and your loved ones!

🌹Your psychologist, Elena Baibakova 

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