The therapy with aggressive behavior of children. The tale of the "Good fish".


Colleagues, Hello! Often parents, teachers and educators are faced with aggressive behaviour of children. The reasons for its emergence are many: the disruption of the divisions of the cerebral cortex, and the inability to manage emotions, and problems in the family, and violent computer games, and copying the behavior of adults, and more.

depending on the degree of its manifestation is constructed work with child psychiatrist, psychologist, parents and teachers.

the Therapy can be very effective method of prevention and corectiei aggressive behavior of children.

Today I want to show you my new psychocorrectional the tale of the "Good fish".

Once at the bottom of the sea settled a little crab. All the locals really wanted to get acquainted with a brand new, but as soon as someone was coming closer, he was making scary sounds and viciously snapping their claws. Seahorse, sailing past nearly lost his tail, and one fry crab practically bit in half.

And that was about marine life, and began to think what to do with such a nasty neighbor.

Beautiful starfish decided first to try his luck, because she was incredibly beautiful and graceful.
I would Go and talk to this bully. I'm so good, that he would not dare to hurt me!
And she went to negotiate, but returned very quickly. The crab just overwhelmed by the beauty of sand.
- you'll Have to go with me, ' said the ancient octopus. - I'm too old to me to be disrespectful.
Unfortunately, this venture failed. The crab almost took a bite with their claws tentacles of an octopus.
And then all decided to go to the aggressor war to expel it from the seabed. But only one little fish said:
- Wait, a living being can't be evil just like that, maybe someone hurt him and now he hates everyone?
Swam a good fish house crab and knocked on the door:
- Crab, let me talk. I'm not afraid, and regret it, because I think you very bad and lonely. the
And suddenly the door suddenly opened. On the threshold stood a confused sad crab...
And after 2 hours, the fish told the sea inhabitants very sad story. the
six months ago, the crab was born into a wonderful, kind family. Mom and dad loved your precious baby, and everyone was incredibly happy. But one day, when the whole family went for a walk, poachers caught them in their nets. Parents brutally murdered and only a small krabice managed to escape, bite the network. Since then, he hated the world and all saw only enemies. When it heard about the marine life - many wept. br>2 days about the door of the house of the crab grew a mountain of gifts and cards with different hearts. He could not believe his eyes: he was loved, no one wanted to offend, he wanted to be friends...
many years Passed. The baby grew and became a large, powerful crab, which always helped the weak and protected the marine life from all troubles and misfortunes.

Goloborodova Victoria
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