The training for management teams.


At the time I visited the training and management teams. Led the training of famous coach, very a status light. Gained the same status group. The training met expectations. You can learn a lot about managing teams and thank coach and a case that everyone brought.

Day one.

Coach said that effective management teams must be members of the team, to make sure that everyone had time to speak, no one was pulling the blanket, etc. Then he said that the one who effectively manages the needs to be mentally and physically healthy, at least striving for it, constantly replenish resources and be in a good mood. In conclusion, he asked the participants of the training, a dozen people how they feel about this. And then Janna threw a tantrum, screaming that her being a single woman, Misha said he used to earn money, and so he no money, Julia told me how she is sick, and Christina spoke very long about how she woke up. The coach invited the group to tolerate different opinions, but reminded that now is the time there are very few and the rest of the group began to meet in a telegraphic order. The light did not quite understand what was happening, she felt sorry for the coach. In the evening she studied the outline of the training.

Day two.

the next time the coach said that for General purposes it is necessary to learn to Express their feelings. Jeanne threw a tantrum, repeating that she can't learn anything, Mike said he did not understand what he's doing here, Julia said, she's very very sick, and Christina fifteen minutes, said she came to mind this morning when she woke up. Others expressed their feelings in an abridged version, because time again is short. Coach braved the day to end. The evening Light was quite sick.

Day three.

the Trainer decided to train the group to sense the feelings of other team members and skillfully showed them how. After that, Christine recounted the textbook on psychoanalysis, Jeanne said she to Express other people's feelings will not, and the rest of the group had suffered a disaster. Accusations, screams, groans, tears and mutual resentment flowed easily and freely. Votes admitted that it is not their feelings, that they feel the feelings of other team members. Light sadly, the last time she went to the circus. Tonight a ran to each other and said that there is some kind of nonsense. Light didn't run, but she had a few intimate conversations about managing different teams.

fourth Day.

the Coach said that the key to managing teams and creativity, you can take any topic, any ideas, the main thing is to keep the structure, to be responsive and abide by the rules. After that Jeanne met the expectations of the group and made a scene with Christina. What Christina said, she woke up and she had Breakfast, which took twice the time. Mike said that the money has not been canceled, Julia painfully groaned. However, the exercise went in succession, the group I-Cristina and Joan began to work surprisingly in good faith and in Light also volunteered to do the exercise. In the evening, the coach began to breathe with difficulty. Thinking, Light decided that if we ignore the little things, the training is still very good, as the ideas, structure and exercises standing. She decided that the coach gives them the opportunity to understand. It's a pity that the group had split into warring subgroups. Light home practiced the things learned at the training.

fifth Day.

the Coach taught the group to look at the situation as a whole and to see their role in it. Light conducted the exercise, it was praised for the ability to focus on the goal. Then Joan was crying, Christina was screaming, Misha mumbled and all the suggestions said, "No," Julia wisely told his entire group of painful conditions. The coach was extremely polite and took all the reactions. Then something did not go, and all wondered why one doesn't work, because the exercises have been impossible to perform as required. The coach looked very sick. All were given homework to use the things taught by the coach. Light conscientiously prepared.

the Sixth day.

At the end of the training, Jeanne said she perfectly manages the group, because nobody dares to disobey, she can fire. Christina asked all the questions to psychoanalysis, to which the others began to worry, because the tutorial literally could not remember . Mike said if his team wants money then they have to do what he says, although he did not dismiss, but can not give money. Julia told how she shares her painful condition with the group, and the group with her, and then all imbued with this condition and feel for each other, though for that she has to disturb the structure. Others talked about their favorite creative management techniques, and Light for the first time heard a lot from the participants. Light itself took considered it a win-win, when she ran the group successfully and well, respecting the structure. In addition, she knew that in this case, the lasting result is also good, it also considered statistics, and also went well. The coach criticized only the work Lights. He said she is not focusing, not taking the subject is not acting as it should, and anyway, she's not not designed to control. Light at first offended at himself, then at the coach, and then told him: "thank you."

Now she never forgot and on my own realized that when running the group need to be fair to all parties equally friendly, follow the rules and procedures, to adequately Express their feelings, to be able to sense the feelings of team members, to include creative flair and be able to cast all happening wide eyed. And do not hesitate to put in place any contagious hamley.

Mirza Elena
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