In  one Kingdom there lived a Princess.  In her Kingdom was not customary to rely on men, and show your feelings.  Princess considered herself a strong personality, and men were considered weak, in need of assistance and  support.

For many hundreds of kilometers away, in the Kingdom lived a Prince who as a child was in a situation of great grief. He was not able to endure the misery, because of this growing up,  continued to suffer and feel sorry for myself.

 One day fate brought the Prince and Princess together. Immediately between them arose a feeling which is called ‘love at first sight”. Soon the lovers were married, and this traditional tale could end with the phrase, “and they lived happily ever after”. But our tale continues. 

the First time the couple  do   thought happy, because they both complement each other. He could suffer, and she feel sorry for him, sometimes even to protect from the cruel world. But as time went on, the couple had a child, and the Princess was  take care of the baby more than the husband. From her husband she suddenly began to claim that he solved problems, completely provided for the family financially, while the Princess is busy with the baby. And in addition Princess  turn to  the Prince over the  moral  support. To all this the Prince was not ready. He became the "escape" from his wife imposed responsibilities, are increasingly applying to the bottle.

the family started a quarrel, accumulated mutual resentment. The Princess often  feel unhappy in the marriage and wanted to end the relationship. The Prince, however, thought that everything was fine and that all live the same way and reason to change anything, no.

 as the years Passed,  their child is growing up, and they became more and more strangers to each other. And then one day there was something that could unite the Prince and Princess. It was a magical flower. He was so nice and gentle that the Prince and Princess could not stop looking at them.

together, the couple cared for the flower, and sometimes even together experienced moments of happiness. It seemed that life is getting better, but we cannot change lives without changing themselves. The Prince and the Princess again began to quarrel, and the flower was so sensitive that overreacted to everything that happened between the spouses. He suffered greatly from these quarrels, and several times appeared on the verge of death. The Prince and the Princess  was very afraid of losing the magic flower, but in order to save him, both were required to work on themselves and their relationships and…… they went to a psychologist.

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