The value of emotions, feelings, physicality


As I wrote in a previous article,  Goals and results of gestalttherapie , the main purpose of gestalttherapie – recovery organismic integration. Is when a person understands every second that he is willing and able freely to satisfy their need, by interacting with the world.

How to know the true desires and needs?

One of the common problems of modern man – this dismissive attitude to the body, emotions and the exaggeration of the role of intelligence.

But the man is consistent. And its important and primary component – corporeality and the affective sphere. Sensations, emotions, and feelings.  is a fast evaluation of the events and reflect the needs of the body.

Referring to the body and affective field can understand what you want, what you need now.

Emotions can not be controlled, they can live. And of course to suppress that is one of the causes of psychological problems.

unfortunately, neither in school nor in most families, do not teach emotional competence – attention to the affective sphere, living emotions, feelings, States. If this practice began already in childhood, most of the problems could have been avoided.

Many do not fully lived, a blocked emotional state of people wear throughout life. And thereby bringing to life the suffering.

Very interesting in this context, the opening of the S. Grof on the perinatal matrices. This concept sheds light on how in the past received psychological trauma, can be played again and again throughout life as a kind of incomplete situation that requires completion.

Therefore, the restoration of sensitivity – one of the most important tasks of a person, entered the path of change and improve their lives.

Only referring to themselves, their bodily sensations, emotions, feelings, you can understand the needs and get more enjoyment and satisfaction from life.

Basic psychotherapeutic exercise. Look at the list of emotions. Which of them do you know? What is not very familiar? What do you feel now? For the development of sensitivity and detection the most preferred emotions, you can watch your emotions during the day of the week. And then to share their observations with the psychologist.

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