it is Important to appreciate your experience, that it is not a routine or something "samasaboi-evident", namely value. This will help you to save your resources that are not inexhaustible. And here you can experience imply anything (situations, acquiring, learning or self learning etc).

Often happens is: "We set a goal, achieve it, and not having time to realize the progress, enjoy and be happy, we SET NEW GOALS and begin to achieve them". I also have "Reaching some purpose, we ourselves say: "And what of this, all this do and live" and begin to THINK of themselves a NEW GOAL."

We even do not notice how our life begins to turn into dissatisfaction, and we think we are not valid. Forget that we have the experience and it is only necessary to send the show out to other people; "That was me", "I am there" ( people do not know about it). This we never taught, and some of them even abused. Scary. But even worse, in my opinion, "phatisa" acquiring all new and new. So make your choice, which is worse.

to Understand and to take the first step to opening yourself alone, and to seek psychological support with a therapist.

Each person needs to be valuable to others. Without knowing your experience, and even more devaluing, we punish ourselves. Subconsciously our body waiting for praise, gift, and none of this gets. It is not filled with new energy in response to spent. Is wasting energy wasted and leads to wear of the organism.

It is now very important. Young people having a profession, is not going to use it ( for various reasons, not enough money, lost interest, or did not want her to) and going to study again. Resource spent, but not filled. Pause, break, take advantage of the gained experience, get at least some value from this training, replenish their resources and can move on. This movement will be with the new power most effectively.

Vinogradova Tatyana
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