Today I discovered yet one obvious, for which I am grateful to psychotherapy, including Gestalt approach!

This evidence - the feeling of the time frames in relation to my needs.

the importance of internal boundaries did not often write in popularized psychology, digested for the reader more difficult plus clients are more likely to come with a query about relationships with others, and not myself. But the inner part of this theme is no less important. In particular, Gestalt teaches us to respect the time of the session. Someone is 60 minutes, someone 50 or 45.

What does it mean?

This means that the client learns to take responsibility for the implementation of their internal needs in terms of external constraints. For this he has to learn to set up internal boundaries, that is to learn to listen to yourself, to separate your main from your secondary, the actual gone or not yet come, the concrete from the abstract and so on.

In the end it teaches as a whole to appreciate our allotted time of life, which is known to be limited, but no one knows exactly what time. The latter provokes us wrong to feel life as something infinite. Gestalt teaches us to perceive it as something limited by time. And this paradoxically provokes a person to fill its contents a large number of subjective meanings that gives a feeling of fullness.

everyone who is part of a Gestalt paradigm confirms what has become more appreciative of my life and it feels more fulfilled and abundant. This happens also due to the awareness of her limbs, which in turn is due to the limb therapy sessions.

And, I think, I will not lie colleagues and clients that, especially at the very beginning of the session with the therapist constantly felt as insufficient. Always something like not enough time. But it gradually goes away. This experience and extrapolated to a lifetime.

  • If you're a parent, it becomes easier to appreciate the time that you spend with the baby while he is a child.
  • If you are an employee of some company or entrepreneur, you will learn realistic and effective to invest your resources, and also have appropriate expectations from the results.

That far to go? My favorite hobby is singing. I came to karaoke, and if I realize it's 4 hours, not infinity, then I sleep that really catches what a lot of energy that you want to sing the most that most reflect my soul, emotions, will give my promise the world and most of me realizes in the here and now.

When we don't know how to feel time limits in their internal needs, we think we can endlessly postpone life or in the alarm box of the future, or in the infinite box of the past.

Motivational speakers in this place can you say the right inspirational phrases, give affirmations, but it all remains at the level of neprodanih introjective that do not survive, being alien implants. And the only treatment due to its regularity and the process of awareness of what is happening in the here and now eco-friendly embeds a model of healthy communication internal and external boundaries, which you then congruent broadcast, for example, your children or business colleagues.

That's the story! I propose to reflect about it, listening to yourself, keep track of how you feel the inner need in relation to external borders. How do you manage to efficiently invest in, or you can use the resources offered to you environment, in conditions of time constraints of life.

good Luck, love, and awareness!

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