The value of the symbol "House" to the self and therapy


Today I want to share a House symbol.

🏠the Symbol of the House is important in life and in therapy in many ways.

1. For example, we often come to therapy, do not have the idea of the self. Or has but very vague. Rather, we are about something in itself I guess, but most of Us and our habits to elude our own consciousness. the
Or so, coming to therapy, our self often destroyed... most relationships, at least - the fateful events. If Relationships, the options are: with the opposite sex, relationships within our parent family, less working/friendly relationship. But at this moment we do not really realize.
And during a long-term work, sooner or later, we come to the sensation that is often described as “the experience of a scorched earth, something broken or lost inside the blackness of the void and the total lack of joy.” This often involves a crisis of meaning, those as the meaninglessness of life and all that is happening.
Another version of the queries - didn't feel anything. All from the same Opera.
This means that it was something we could not cope then and there or can't handle here and now. And our ability to live and survive would rely on the capacities of our personality, but the person we have in this moment is “frozen” or “erased/destroyed.”

2) the Second symbol of the House, this is a very specific image of the house where we live. A physical place that now we call home. Apartment, grandma's house/village, it is a physical place where we grew up and where we live now.

the Situation is important. And is our experience of feeling Home - a place where I'm warm, safe and want to come back.
Or cold, scary, dark, and I want to go home.

Item 2 can be divided into several categories:
-the natural home/environment where I lived(a)
-a sense of place that I could(La) would be called a house
-place where I live right now. the
To each paragraph you can ask yourself questions - what feelings/images gives me each of these “houses” and as much as I wanted to(a) themselves there to feel.

3) in fact, in a separate paragraph, you can make the Country/city where each of us for one reason or another may feel more “at home”. Energy, culture, rules and laws, the General atmosphere, the architecture, etc.

4) Another important item of the character House will be a family in which we grew up. Often, when we mention - we have a house accepted so/say so, we mean not a physical home, and it's a community of people living under the same roof or a family system.

5) House as the Supreme experience of his personality, return to the true self, its purpose, search the accommodation and to develop their potential to the world. A frequently used metaphor in different exercises “the Way home” or finding my way home. Path which includes all human life from the first breath to the last exhalation.

And exactly each of us think over all these meanings and images in different times of life. If you do it with a little more attention to detail or the therapy can open a lot of patterns about your life and find many reasons for many events and feelings. As actually with any theme. But for some, it is the “House” can become the entry point that everything will move in the right direction.

Elena Novikova
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