The value of virginity


Quite often on psychological forums address the topic of the value of virginity. However, in my private practice, I have never with it faced. Often this issue are interested in women, rarer men. At the moment I have formed my own point of view on this issue, and I decided to write on this topic a short article.

Immediately identify with the concept of virginity, for this we turn to Wikipedia. Traditionally virgins call girls practice sex with penetration, anatomical sign of that is the presence of a hymen. A more free interpretation of virginity and admits male virginity — virgins can be called men had not had a sexual experience, although anatomically it does not appear. Thus, in my article, I'm going to rely on precisely these concepts.

so, first, let's talk about the value of virginity. When we speak of values, it is necessary to specify for whom or what it will be and how valuable. If from the point of view of nature, virginity is just a sign if there's a woman sex with penetration or not. Some people believe in telegonia, transmission of hereditary traits from the first and subsequent sexual partners unborn child. My opinion is the following, from the standpoint of modern science telegonia —prejudice, superstition, delusion, which is not confirmed by experimental studies and are not compatible with the known mechanisms of heredity.

Next, let's consider the value of public opinion (morality). There is of course the virginity praises praises. In many cultures virginity is considered something pure and clean. And, accordingly, reverse dirty. To whom this situation is beneficial. Society can be manipulated by women. Also this reduces the fear of parents raised a girl (the fear that the girl might have something happen as a result of implementation of sexual pleasures unknown to men) and men in relation to women, I want to feel first and only this woman. In some cultures virginity is cultivated so far. This in itself is not bad, it's just important to remember that in this society cares more about their integrity than about a specific girl.

And so, valuable virginity or not? My answer is – every girl decides for themselves individually. She determines how she needs it and at what age and with whom to part with it. And I respect any woman's choice. However, I try to stay away from virgins. Here, again, I'm not going to condemn their choice is a matter of each girl to address this issue. The main thing to remember that the choice to keep or not to keep her virginity this is her personal choice. No one can force her. And, accordingly, the responsibility for this lies solely on her. And the reaction of other people on the virginity (or lack thereof) is only a reaction to other people. And they don't have to treat this fact as you want the woman (the condemnation or respect).

As I wrote, I myself personally try to avoid these girls party, especially if they're over thirty. Why. First, I'm married and therefore the question of finding a partner to me is not relevant. Secondly, how much they had to suppress their sexuality, their nature (I'm on virgins and virgins). Thirdly, they are inexperienced in sex. Fourth, their virginity is very expensive, because they've been saving it for the one. Fifthly I just don't want the woman to hurt. Sixth, a girl like you (men) can at a later age to receive the desire to walk, to try other men. Something like that. Once again, I'm not going to condemn these women, they choose to do themselves (although I suspect that such a choice they simply did not have), but my attitude towards them – very careful.

so to summarize written. Approaching the question of virginity is important to consider the social context of the question. If in the place where a person lives, virginity is very valuable, then it is possible its preservation will give more advantages than disadvantages. If society treats this issue in a tolerant, its preservation is more a matter of upbringing, the beliefs of the person and to store or not to store the choice is extremely personal. And most importantly to understand why people do it. Just from what I have seen, it is a strong disappointment, pain virgins (virgins) on the unappreciated victims (otherwise you will not say, the victim). And as a result of resentment at the whole world for it. That side looks very sad.

something Like that. Have a good choice in this very sensitive matter.

Sergey Petrov
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