The vanishing talent or women's problems of self-realization.


have you Noticed this phenomenon in the classroom among the standouts are more girls than boys. During the study, many girls are showing great skills and talents. But when the semester ends, success in social life, often seeking men.
or sometimes, we see such a picture, a talented, intelligent woman dedicates her life to her husband, or becoming a guardian angel of an outstanding men, working under him as an assistant, Deputy, Secretary.
Now, however, this has begun to change. But some time ago, it was the rule rather than the exception.

that is, if you watch, you will notice a discrepancy between the school achievements of girls and their achievements in adulthood.

What is happening? Where does the female talent? Why isn't she making headway?
This phenomenon is associated, among other factors, the peculiarities of the education of girls and social expectations in adulthood.

for Example in the family the boys parents are buying more constructors, cars, ie toys focused on the active search for solutions, research activities. And girls are more likely to buy dolls, toy kitchens, posudka, prams for dolls. Then there are toys that form the focus of the girls to care for someone.

Boys more rewarded for activity, curiosity, initiative. Their focus on achievement, overcoming difficulties, high level of claims. Girls are praised for good behavior, adherence to the rules. Girls are not particularly encouraged because of the manifestation of his own initiative.

In children's books and textbooks boys are portrayed bold, independent, advocates, at that time, as girls draw passive, awaiting help and support.

let's Not forget about social expectations and different standards of success in society for men and women. For men it's their job, high salary, influence, status, achievements, property well-being.
For women, the same achievements in life is to marry and to be provided by the man, have a child or several children.

Maybe that's why, when it comes time to choose, women prefer family, career, reduce their status, and refuse of a possible realization of their talents and capabilities.

it turns out that the woman, subject to the expectations, directs his talents and energy to successfully get married, managing a home, children, and the realization of their talents, it is often not enough time. Yes, and "may the folly of it all" thinks the woman, continuing to be the source and inspiration of achievements.

Over time, women sit in the home of the whirlwind, losing contact with their own talents and abilities.
Sometimes they were overtaken by so-called "housewife syndrome" - the feeling of helplessness, of dependency, hopelessness, low self esteem, loss of feelings of autonomy and competence.
I do not want here to blame anyone or to look for benefit. It happened to me. The origins of such views are lost somewhere in the distant past. And we don't even know who benefits from this state of Affairs. Perhaps none of us.
I just want to say that we are not obliged to repeat again and again the lives of our mothers and grandmothers. We can do something better for themselves, for their daughters, thinking about the implementation of given talents and abilities. Looking at all of them. Developing. Giving other family a message to their daughters.

Klimenko Tatiana
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