This client came to me for consultation after undergoing therapy at the Clinic of Neurosis. By temperament - sanguine , active ,strong and cheerful man. I was surprised that this man managed to "snatch" neurosis in this age period ( between 20 and 30 } . Young guy athletic build ( master of sports in poises ) was on the verge of nervous and physical exhaustion. During an exploratory meeting we drinking from large mugs of fragrant green tea , began to discuss the situation. And came next -a young man met and fell in love with an attractive lady . Soon they were married. They were a beautiful couple-physically well developed and harmoniously folded. She was a stripper and worked in a nightclub. He was a policeman and was checking passes at the entrance to public institutions . I'll call it a false name Yuri ,and her as Angela. Stripper -colleagues of Angela in the majority of concubines were : businessmen ,bankers ,politicians, and other influential and wealthy people provide them with solid financial support. This fact was a big challenge for George. Angela , in order to be on par with his colleagues-constantly demanded from Yury of new investment in their image and wardrobe . At first, Yuri took another part-time job , then to it was added another. Then ,in addition to these works, he found himself at night to unload the cars and trucks in some warehouse. Yuri barely slept or ate very poorly , and money for maintaining the image of Angela still wasn't enough. Friends and relatives of Yuri constantly urged him to immediately divorce with Angela for reasons of health . But Yuri ,are accustomed to go to the end , continued to work hard. The result - a nervous breakdown , treatment in the Clinic of Neuroses and subsequent rehabilitation . 

As happens in such cases, we began our work with therapy personal history. It turned out that the father of George , being the chief accountant of a large manufacturing Association , on the recommendation of his beloved wife ( mother of George) also worked part-time . He did the wiring , scrape the flooring , put in window frames in the apartments of citizens . He was proud that he never had "no day". He survived two heart attacks and died , only three years after surviving the retirement age . I had of course to work with the family scenario .Further work was aimed at changing the beliefs of George's work , the roles of husband and wife and their contribution to the family budget. It took a lot to raise in the hierarchy of values, Yuri rank of such values as health - mental and physical . After graduating from the therapeutic part of the work , we with Yury has begun at last to the coaching part of it. According to Yuri , it strongly promoted the use of our work wheels family balance . And six months later, the life of Yuri has changed significantly . He retired from the police and divorced from Angela . Now he worked as a sales Manager in a firm engaged in the manufacture and installation of plastic Windows. After three years, Yuri met a lady Inna with a difficult fate and probably because -realistic queries to life in General and to personal relationships in particular . They are relaxed and happy in their own way and in their life there is a place and rest ....

                    the couple is dedicated .


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