The voice-as an indicator of the health of the woman


the Voice of a beloved, women-probably the most blissful sound for any men. What is your voice? What your relationship with him? If there is a impulse to ask yourself these questions and answer them, perhaps this text addressed to you. .

About how important the health of your throat chakra, that it is an indicator of the quality of self-expression, communication, creativity, women in the same. The woman sang at all times and not just sang and sounded their actions. Remember the story, the artwork, especially regarding the life in villages. Song accompanies all moments of life. Psychologists were not in those days, and people were able to help themselves and women "training" group to collect, or rather of psychotherapeutic groups existed in each Slavic village) what I mean? Once a week, women gathered in one house *every week is different), took the crafts on the day. That is, the crafts that they are able to do during the day, for example, collar husband to embroider or belt, or towel. or lace weave. Arranged in a spacious hut, hand wrought beauty, and the voice of healed women. How? The throat chakra is essentially a center of psychic energy, via the throat and pass come out and voiced all of our feelings and emotions, all our feelings, all our thoughts. Any suppression, the expression of which affects primarily on the quality of health of the throat chakra. Singing releases all the depressed. so, returning to the singing of women. Singing usually started from the minor songs on heavy Babskii share, the suffering of love and the difficulties of life. The singing was often accompanied by tears, sobs. Smoothly, based on the willingness of all the parties to this "therapeutic group," women passed by singing lyrical about the beauty of nature. about the relationship between men and women. And in the evening smoothly passed to the ditties. joyful, cheerful, perky songs that laugh was accompanied by a ringing and clear) In that moment came the husbands for their wives. Wives gave husbands their handiwork and the evening passed in General merriment, after which the happy couple wandered home.For day songs, the woman is fully cleared from negative emotions , who managed to skip inside, allowing her health to save, and sound great, and man love to be filled but not with their negative emotions, complaints, etc.

Lovely woman, I understand that now very few real such gatherings...although, if you really want -always majetsa)) Sing, propagate their emotions, and sometimes to shout in all throat-helpful. One has only to remember that everything has its time and place)

the Impact of singing on health.

1) singing to the body the "right" vibration, raising our vitality.

2) during the singing in the human brain to produce specific chemicals that help us feel peace and joy;

3) improves blood circulation, which beneficially affect the vocal cords, tonsils and lymph nodes are numerous and, therefore, significantly improves local immunity (in other words, we are less likely to catch cold);br>
4) improve blood circulation while singing leads to the activation of brain activity: it starts to work harder, improves memory, easier to read any information.

5) (attention, ladies!) the improvement of the blood supply to the head rejuvenates the body, improves skin condition;

6) singing is very useful in lung diseases, as it not only replaces the breathing exercises, but also contributes to the development of the chest, proper breathing, significantly reducing the number of exacerbations;

7) with regular glee club in the body and increases the level of immunoglobulin-A and hydrocortisone, which are signs of a good immune system;

8) currently, the developed techniques treating stuttering through singing and helping improve diction;

9) singing applies even when the fight against excess weight: excessive fat sometimes people are asked when the feelings of hunger instead of snack to sing two or three>

that is why experts recommend to sing at least 5 minutes per day, equating singing to physical exercise.

Allow yourself to sound nice!

Cozy and warm winter!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

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Tatiana Savenko
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