Hello! Continuing marathon of articles I want to underline the theme of finding your true path and purpose.

In my opinion, only in that case if a person builds his life according to their inner predispositions and inspiring goals of their life priorities, before it parted all the obstacles. br>
it is only relating his life with his true nature we can become truly involved in the decision we are facing problems. Us wakes up to the real power and any problem is solved. br>
in Order to close this issue, at a time when I was working on unloved work for the money and didn't know where to go and direct my life, I found 5 different approaches, each of them has your answer. br>
But to be sure to reveal this important subject, I propose in the Commons to consider them. br>
For practicality outlined them as follows:

1. A big goal
2. The way of mastery
3. The most important questions
4. To leave a legacy
5. The road in the dark

Now let's look at them in more detail:

1. The big aim.

Our life is by its nature changeable. Some philosophers say that chaos is the primordial state of the universe, but if you focus on certain points, from the chaos emerges a harmonious balance. br>
In our lives so the focus point can serve as a really big goal. A goal that lies beyond our life, to build family, to build a city write a book depends on our choice. br>
But every person who contributed to the development of society , they had a greater purpose. But who are we, some ask, to compare their lives with people like Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Mother Teresa? br>
the Scale of the individual determined by the scale of the goal that everyone chooses for himself and then acts reinforced the principle resource for the purpose. The universe always gives us the resource under the execution of our goals, the main thing to feel the internal response. br>
To do this, the Ayurvedic physician Deepak Chopra recommends to leave on the nature for 4 hours and no fuss, you get a feeling for his greater purpose. br>
First, we select the path, then the path chooses us. br>
Finding a greater purpose in our lives begins to emerge our Path. br>
2. The way of mastery

To humanly describe this concept, let us recall the ancient classification of levels of skill. br>
1. Baby - ancient Chinese saying that the first stage that one passes on the way to becoming - like infancy. People can not do anything, but everything is open. It takes experience and reborn ...

2. The camel in this phase, the person typing yourself knowledge, begins gently to apply them, stumbling and getting feedback. br>
3. Tiger - having mastered all the principles and having made mistakes, man acerca head thrown into the maelstrom of Affairs, the ancient Chinese, and compared this behavior with a tiger, moving forward is an integral part of the formation of skill. br>
4. And again a baby. The loop formation of skills brings us back, again, in the condition of the baby, just ease there is already natural, the man grasped the depth of craftsmanship and is in original condition. br>
What you can see from this metaphor: On the way there will always be challenges that need to pass. At each level there is a formation of skills we are faced with new challenges, but the power that gives us the way, with the right attitude, takes us to the next level. br>
Evolution is spiral dynamics. br>
3. The most important questions.

to determine your true calling, you should answer the following question: What I would do or were doing if I had all the money I need for luxurious living and a couple of krugosvetki would already be behind them and life is long ahead? br>
aside of wasting time, the answer to this question you can feel the stream that gives joy and which you really would love to do. br>
Our subconscious mind knows exactly our main line of traffic, another thing is we score this voice of wisdom, your fears and uncertainty. Great way requires the courage to accept it and says Andrei Parabellum, the flow is always against us - but our actions let you control them. br>
And you are willing to go against public opinion and established traditions and old patterns of behaviour for the sake of their dreams? br>
4. Leave a legacy: in the book of Stephen Covey "the 7 habits of effective people" gives the following exercise.

Imagine that you come to the Church to which arrives the funeral procession. Driving expensive limousines and are the people in black clothes. You enter the Church and see the funeral service, which prepares the last journey a man worthy of respect. br>
Coming closer to the hero of the occasion you are surprised to see that this is your funeral and that in the hall gathered for you the most close and dear. br>
Under the program, the expected performance of 4 people: your best friend, your family member, your colleague and the head of the local community. Get alone and write yourself the words you would like to hear at my funeral. br>
Feel all the solemnity of the moment and write what no one will show, but where you describe your life, the words of these people. br>
5. The car in the dark

And finally, I want to add an idea that I heard a long time ago.
If you eat in the car at night on the highway, your headlights illuminate a small section of the road in front of you. This sometimes is enough, knowing the ultimate destination, to comfortably get where you need. br>
and in our lives - direction that we choose, determines our quality of life. br>
the Main thing to remember is that each person came into the world with your unique life purpose and each of us are divine gifts, but as in the ancient parable and the talents, if we don't use them - they go to the other person. br>
this article deliberately did not mention technologies such as socionics, tests, and other ways to determine their strengths, perhaps it will be the topic of the next article. br>

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