The way we deal with their needs

About how we and our needs
let's Say you are hungry, came to the refrigerator, found, ate it and went on to do their business. This is when all is well and you are in harmony with each other. If not in harmony?

1. "I don't know what I want."
You feel somehow uncomfortable, going out for a cigarette. Then drink coffee, then go into the social network, then crash on the series. Then suddenly you remember "Oh, so I did the whole day didn't eat anything!". Go to the store for arugula, but suddenly catch yourself that you are sitting in an embrace with wings KFC, drink all the Cola, and it's midnight. Further all as in a fog. The merger.

2. Feel hungry, I understand that you want meat, but you're a girl, and girls Princess. Go choose Apple, swallow them and says "Mmm ... the Apple is a tasty and healthy food". In an hour again want to eat. Here is a very dangerous thing to drink alcohol because more fog and find yourself next to the one at midnight, with wings of sin. Then it will be a shame, but it's about something else. Here intact.

3. All around you is bad. "New cafes naotkryvali now impossible to go, everywhere smells of pastries and coffee, and people, among other works. And all around just talking about some pie for dinner to bake". Everyone has something that really want you is a projection.

4. You know exactly what you are hungry and even know what you want, but an hour standing in front of the fridge and argue "What's the point there? Then again want. And generally people are strange creatures, are dependent and weak, and the world is ruled by money." And actually the hunger does not pass, but during that time you alter a lot of useful things and my mind a pile of thoughts. But you are very smart. This retroflexion.

5. You're hungry, ate a business lunch and then think "Well, why did I have lunch? Could to the house to wait, and these Lunches all gastritno only stomach them to spoil. Correctly my mom said I have no patience, I imagine the problems on the fifth point". Is the depreciation.

Here are five situations with the basic need - to eat. And indeed, humans are much more complex tasks - for example, love. And it frequently happens that the want of care and tenderness, but only cakes. And sometimes scared and want to be supported, and only in response to criticism is "Well, what do you want? Easily not pull the fish from the pond". And fear only more and force less.
So all these five situations tell us about how man ignores what he really wants. psychotherapy here the unraveling those knots of meaning, which he during his life, forced to at least hear something from the depths of myself (as scary as that sounds). And all the answers are already in the man, he's just forgotten how to understand it. Not because stupid or bad, but because there was no chance even to try.

to Learn it all unravel come in September. For the training group in Gestalt therapy. Will themselves be able to unravel and to help others.

Dariya Groshev
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