Positive thinking is now a very broad term that is not understandable to the layman and many causes a wrong reaction.

There are two aspects of thinking highlighted in the writings of ancient texts, particularly the sutras and the Buddhist teaching that our world is created by our mind and therefore what is our mind, our thoughts, and develops a picture of reality. In the book Kirpal Singh, "the Crown of life" President of the world brotherhood of religions and yogi of our time said: "You will be hard to reach any heights while in your mind the negative pulses will not be replaced by the positive".

that level and starts all deep work. The gist of it is that we have identified in thinking negative attitudes and reprogrammed them. However, this does not mean that we reprogram reality. that is, if a man is poor and he kept saying a positive phrase: "I am rich, I have everything", it does not solve the problem, but rather a conflict with reality will increase.

We are changing BELIEFS, not the world.

Beliefs about himself, about what is in our power to change - for example, "I have all the resources to achieve the important result to me" is significantly different from thought: "I Have nothing and hardly something I will achieve in life". We change the setting on the extension and on its identity as a unique, strong, valuable and self-sufficient. And don't write strange patterns that draw the problems on our head.

in Itself a positive thinking becomes real for people who work on themselves, striving to improve yourself, purify your body and mind from unnecessary information and leads us to the realization that the world - the possibility for infinite development.

If the person has not come to cleansing and self-awareness, loves life passions and full of contradictions and suffering of reality, it is unlikely he will be able to correctly interpret this Dar - awareness, which we all have as true wealth.

self-sufficient person is a person who is happy with what he has, does not cause harm to others and lives in harmony with the world, trying to help others and improve the world around you, and of course, inside the person there is no war and she doesn't fight, she lives seeing the world beautiful, with real problems and issues that are points of growth and development, and the failure is only experience that can be taken to change their behavior.

Positive thinking is a habit to think of the projective, and the negative - think jet. In the world there are two energies - entropy, the movement toward death and evolution - a movement towards life. So positive thinking person lives, moving forward, and negative thinking - moving back and narrowing its vector of growth on samounichtozhitsya.

Because meditation and gratitude is the acceptance world as works of genius, where everything is right and everything is perfect, imperfect, only our thoughts and our judgments, templates. And they should be avoided.

In the practice of my work I found several blocks that hinder us to identify the problem:

1. Initially introduced negative templates: "You are incompetent" "In our world strikes only those who live unfair labor", "We live under control and nothing depends on us" "I - one"

a lot of Them and they're everywhere, and most importantly, they have destroyed and forced to move away from their path of soul.

ask yourself the questions: Who am I? Why do I live? Maybe you live to bring the world of beauty and you like to care for your body, and may you live to travel and explore the world, or to observe and study any phenomenon), perhaps in order to have children and care for them, and maybe to painting or sculpting dough or clay, or maybe you like to plow the land.

what we love from childhood are: where we need to go further, I detstva loved to read and draw, I didn't like dolls and didn't like to walk on the streets

the Most difficult part for me was in adulthood - to walk with the children and engage with them, but to draw and sculpt, to write their books and articles: to read and create projects is for me the most exciting experience

I Recently caught myself thinking that I am glad it is the thought that my children grow up and not preventing me from doing what I love the most, and I finally forgave myself for it: I'm a person, not too inclined to motherhood and seat with young children

so what: it's my life, right? I have the right to be: not to satisfy their expectations.

Second level of knowledge is the idea: what we think about ourselves: my life: happy or not? And it is important to realize that we have best possible: ALWAYS, we have the best parents to implement their most important task, the best husbands and wives, children and the environment, we are always the best that could afford to project our soul, No one above us mocks and punishes us, it is a plan which is given above

Accordingly, we cease to punish themselves: condemning your life and comparing yourself with other people and their lives, Away from envy and condemnation, and after we begin to see what rich my life is, than I own it?

- I Have excellent creative thinking, yeah I'm not a logician and not a mathematician, they have enough in this world without me

- I Have the cool ability to read the emotional remembering of stories and to build their own

- I Have a high level of symbolic and abstract thinking, I can create a project and translate it into reality.

And so on, this list helps to explore themselves, to discover ideas about yourself and figure out where to go is not necessary, for example in mathematics and physics)))

Third level, we answer the questions Why I do this? Maybe these unique qualities and resources that I possess in development and improvement will grow the fruits of wisdom and enrich this world? maybe that's my talent in the open state will bring me the prosperity of the world in millions of different and unique people?

And if everyone will be able to reveal their unique talents to flourish?

Then the world will Shine in a million different bright colors and flowers!!!

And here, there are patterns of fear, limitation, the horror of the crowd that will condemn you, will not understand, will not accept. I remember how my book came out, I looked at her and suddenly thought, what if someone reads from the politicians and I'd get killed for it? What if I write something terrible? And chills went through my head. I stopped and said to myself: "Fear, I thank you!" And let him go in peace, knowing that where the fear - there the gift) round we have to go and continued to write.

Now, my articles and books are read by many people, they change their minds, and after life, I fear nothing and go further in exploring the world and the people around, I'm happy because they live their lives. And all problems and issues - this is only a new stage in the study another level of this world.

Timoshkina Anna
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