From the forthcoming book: "the Book is intelligent guesswork". (19)

The brief thought that flashed...

Everything has a price, even if there is no price tag.

I did not know that he had lost, than to learn from this upset.

the Brain looks so unattractive, because it is not itself the brain, and corn, which he rubbed, when a lot of thought...!

To the heart broke, it does not have to drop.

to do the impossible, we must do everything possible to convince yourself that it is possible.

the Difference in behavior between a man and a woman when driving to targets. He comes from right action to the right feelings, and she from the right feelings to the right actions. The man puts the problem first, and always taking action when positive emotions appear happy and moving on, if negative, analyze what they indicate, and if necessary, working on them. A woman should act only after fully understand and be aware of the emotion, which causes her to do anything and if satisfied that emotion harmonious and under the influence of her, the action she will take, not to hurt neither she nor the people can move to the goal...

the skills of a leader to put the slave "in place", comes from the ability to put "in place" yourself and yourself in his place.

a Positive thinking, which does not lead to a positive result – a pleasant illusion.

If a person, "cards", something on the level of mind, it is better to "scratch" away...

Time price limited – time huge.

Individuals can't be the crowd... well, except that only the crowd of individuals.

Sometimes men not telling women about their problems, just because you're afraid to hear advice on how to solve them.

a Woman should not give advice if the man does not ask and even if requested, you must think before you give, because if he will use and it will not work – he will claim it, if possible, it will still not be satisfied as the woman takes him the most important thing – a sense of joy of his own victory.

Men I love bitches, just because they love themselves. Bitch loves only himself, but a real woman loves, yourself and others...

to Stay happy in this crazy world – is heroism.

Hundreds of reasons that cause stress, keeping us hundreds of possibilities.

the Present understanding of the state of meditation is beyond our understanding.

If you see simultaneously past, present and future, apparently EVERYONE can see

in order to live YOUR life, you need courage.

When I die, then this world will be... easy...

Rastapi Alexander
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