the World is faceless. To paint bring it ourselves. When we are "bad", we paint it with dark colors, filled with sadness. When we are "good", the world is painted in bright, light colors, with a sense of joy and lightness.

We know that. So why continue to look at the world through pain, through pain of disappointment, through the pain of loss, through the pain of failure. When our lives comes something with a minus sign we are immersed in it and often hang in this condition and as a result, automatically start to look at the whole world, everything that happens to us through the prism of pain.

And the paradox, when the world sends us something good, we don't see it, and if see, can not or do not know how to respond to this good. That is, do not allow yourself to jump from a state of pain into a state of happiness. I repeat: we do!

the Transition from one state to another is a complex process. Difficult for us, we ourselves need to make an effort to something good has overshadowed the bad. The helper in this journey is your desire. Unfortunately, a lot of people who "love" to suffer. How would embarrassingly as it may sound, it is. Like to suffer, to suffer is easy, suffer it turns out by itself, without some sort of effort. But to be in a state of happiness, it easy to let go of the pain, not to hoard it for years – it is an act. And it is not easy. But all solved.

what am I doing? And I my dear that we are responsible for the life that we have. True. This fact can be denied, but to think about. I sincerely wish you, over and over again to try again and again, the transition from one state to another. After all, no matter how enticing and addictive as "suffering", its the opposite a billion times more interesting)) Though, to each his own))

❤ Larisa Zamyatin

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