the World is worthy of happiness of the people consists of a series of happy events. List them here - born in the appropriate family, the beauty given to them by nature, good health, high intelligence, giftedness, talents, gifts genetics, wealth, success, luck, luck. Happy coincidence, good friends, interesting job, good business, a perfect partnership, a happy marriage, mutual love, a healthy, gifted children. They all goes like clockwork. They do not need to strain in order to earn a lot of money. They they already have. Everything goes in their hands is easy: the heritage, home, car, love, elite education abroad. Such a thing as a "lucky lottery" in life is not their concern. As a result of "permanent luck" – elegantly-beautiful, blooming, optimistic Outlook on life, good health, great mood.

the World is not worthy of the happiness of the people consists of a series of unfortunate events. List them here - were not born in the country, not the family beauty and talent are not naturally endowed, do not receive education, his beloved no work, no partner, no friends, no business, no interest in life, no wealth, no luck, no happiness. Bad luck, unreliable friends, non-reciprocal, unrequited love, no family. All of them are wrong. They need to climb out of the skin in order to somehow, somewhere make, one more penny. About cars, houses, apartments in the new house, the success, and they do not dream. And they are pursued everywhere by the phrase that they "will never win the lottery." And what a happy life is only "decent". As a result of "constant failures" - chronically tired, unkempt appearance, a pessimistic view of life, poor health, sad mood.

what is going on here? What is it? Why do some "lucky and fortunate" and others "losers and neschastlivtsev"? I will try to answer You in more detail to these questions. Will list the options: a) Good parents who passed the baton of success and happiness for their kids. They instilled your child need to succeed in life Outlook. b) children already since the childhood saw, heard, delved into how the communication between his parents, what they fun as they build their lives. Or rather, he has created a false belief that is very strongly believed. It sounds like this: "only other people worthy to be in your life all the best, and I don't deserve, not earned, not worthy." They therefore have a super-interesting job, high salary, money, luxury homes, beautiful cars, model cars, happiness in family and love, SUCCESS, LUCK and natural Health. As a result, absolutely, a different Outlook, different views on life, personal ability/no ability to be happy for other people.

Other people are always an example for us, a benchmark, a role model. Some provoke us to jealousy, anger, and other pity, sympathy. Envy is different, but its essence is one – the desire to have someone else. Why do You need to have something borrowed, not earned? Maybe You someone else's "good" generally does not fit? And You just don't fit into this image, in this form, in such a scenario of events. To adjust to these clothes to the house, this sum of money or to the furniture, to the work or to this team. Will not be able to live next to this man. You will not be able to stay in such a marriage. Will not be able to raise such children. When we are sorry for someone, trying it all, we unconsciously do not want to be on the site of this accident. But! Perhaps we make a mistake. It seems to us, from our position, that being in his place, you can experience the state of "unhappiness I was experiencing". And how in actual fact all we do not know. And the "poor" can feel like the most happiest on light because it is all as it should be.

Envy and pity are States, feeling the victim. The victim always falls into such negative emotional States as differently does not know how to perceive the world. You have not taught people to enjoy life, the success of other people. And he is not able to cross boundaries, to see what else there is interesting. Believing that only other people can have something better in your life, and you don't deserve/are not worthy, you deliberately push yourself (lower yourself down). You're already in the here and now (today), responsible for the progress of advantaged and disadvantaged events in your life. It turns out that its outcome will determine "lucky" and all the outcasts, losers, walking aimlessly in the dark, move to the side of the road. The feeling of emptiness a feeling of being trapped, a sense of hopelessness, a feeling of hopelessness. Stop! You yourself introduce, here, terms and concepts into your vocabulary. The swamp is green, fades, and the losers that sucked "dangerous quagmire", sitting up to his neck in it, and croak about my unhappiness I was experiencing. It is impossible to live! You need to stop to share a common world, the world happy (decent) and unhappy (unworthy). While you argue that you are not worthy, that you there is something not deserved, not earned, leave your gold (and today it is a swamp) time of youth.

How to separate themselves (their "I"), from the Outlook of doom and unhappiness?

to Form a new Outlook.

How to do it?

Mark around the success of others and rejoice for them.

What's next? What is the meaning of this?

Watching successful people, recording in a notebook their condition, behavior, vocabulary, speech, mood, we adopt their experience.

What then?

Thanks to these people, we generated a positive thinking, the habit of being happy to be excluded from his consciousness all the parasites that keep us "on the failure and bad luck, neschastnoi, depression and apathy". Sometimes we need to Mature to a certain age of success, to understand the meaning of life, and the essence of the world deserves to come to the fore, well to make the transition into the world happy.

Wish all a successful transition into the world worthy of happiness, love and luck!

Yuliya Vadimovna
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