Today I felt something inside. Some irritation or something. Or the deficit. Something. Yes, Yes, psychologists do have emotions, just because they are alive. normal. And normal people feel emotions. And today is the day for me was the emotional.

In this case, the appearance of emotion is a response to a certain situation which I will describe.

so. Increasingly I hear the phrase that no one owes nothing. It is added that this is normal. But I believe that it is just but normal. And I will explain my position.

I live in a huge world of people. And as we would not want to install and follow its rules, we sometimes. Every day we come in contact with different people. As with close and distant. And as we would not want to think about their own independence, we remain dependent on each other. So our happiness often depends on many people. And where there is dependence, there is a wait. No wonder even small children play a game called "Continue". For example, saying thank you, in response, the child must continue, "please." Or in response to "give" the answer "to". You can continue this complementary series, but the point is, I think, is clear.

And now, on the basis of the fashionable "no one owes anyone anything", I will give a few examples of which will make their own conclusions. Start. Before getting married we all hope that we will live happily ever after with this man. And when the second leaves us with the words "I don't owe anyone anything" leaving two children and a wife without means of livelihood, the remaining arise strong emotions. And they have the right to experience them. They hoped for a respectable father and husband. But nothing came of it. And it's not even in the expectations. And the normal rules of life. the rules of integrity.

Or if I lend your family, and the answer can't get their money in time, I feel a storm of emotions. And that's fine. And say to yourself "I have myself to blame in this situation, they don't owe me anything" is very silly.

Not expecting anything from anyone, we grow selfish and unreliable. The society ceased to be normal to lean on the assistance, keep your word, be responsible to family. After all, there is a lovely phrase, supporting the villains, "I don't owe anyone anything".

the society fosters cynics who are free from obligations, free from the kindness and affections. Appear relationship one day. because the words to answer few want, and even more so for the actions.

came a disgusting anecdote on this subject. Honey, you promised to marry me? So it was up to you.

the Word has lost meaning. To give the word now sounds strange. But for normal people to give the word is still okay. And it turns out that one give the word and keep it, and the second just use those who remained normal. Which means that the remaining normal should increase protection to them could not use those who owes nothing to anyone.

I still convinced that we need each other. Must help, must hear, must understand. This is the Foundation of a normal society. not only have my words to get wrong. You should not become a victim of their own good beliefs. Everything has to pass through the normal head.

And I will continue to think that people entering into marriage and giving a promise to love in sickness and in health should keep his word.

the Woman who gave birth the baby needs it to grow. This is normal.

If you say "Hello", you have to answer.

If you borrow, you have to pay on time.

If you have promised you must perform.

Yes, I understand that there is a force majeure. And it must be taken into account, and in the event report. But everything else should happen from the position of a normal, decent person. Otherwise, why bother? And most importantly - to whom?

Kulbitsky Catherine
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