The World Of Ideas, Ideologies

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Feedback on the previous article led to the birth of this.
– And then there are the reptilian brain......each of us is a dinosaur at least.
– Yes, so you should not deny yourself any component in the evolutionary development of our planet Earth, planetary system, and clear laws by which we live. The memory of all ways of life and survival, all possible abuse is recorded in the RNA and DNA of man. Now it's time to restore fairness and open communication with the pain of their ancestors. Pain in the body in various States tells a lot in the archetypal journeys of the past. This happens because of the violence of our ancestors. Who gave the right to monotheists to kill all those who have a relationship with all the flow of the Universe. the
Formation of life on Earth, the Man himself is huge. The past life of the dark ages, according to the laws of the consumer society and the waste of the body, abandoning it in favor of the spirit, in favor of the Mind, in the protrusion of the Male before the Female and Child, leads to the fact that people generally think that they are some kind of aliens, not of this World... This is possible when you impose that you are not a Man but a Slave, a thing, a function. Appeared distorted view that a woman and a Child does not people these are animals, things for the greatness of Men heritage for society, the so-called cannon fodder or working hands. You're someone that has needs. In the end, you hung with all the restrictions, debts, commitments, responsible for all but himself. All needs, religion, society, enterprise, but not the family that you created, not the Wife and Kids, not his Land. Here your attention is supplied by a residual principle. People come home depressed social debts so that the family simply can not. Life for the sake of work and not the activities of creating material values become skewed society. Ideas that fill my head, often disappointing adults. They are afraid to stop, rest, enjoy oneself and the World, play with Children, to enjoy life – a man driving to work fear to remain without money. Money becomes more Human. Upside-down values, broken the notion that People create wealth, what People are doing with their work World. And a Great value.
This can be only when you systematically kill for what you love, what you're protecting your home, your Ancestral Gods, your streams, with all the Worlds you created. His Wife and Children. Hostility embedded in the family, the Wife forcibly issued for the unloved, without her choice, children are born into violence, the brothers and sisters hate each other in this atmosphere, and my parents too. In the end not to the Earth, not to the house, all eager and all their own hands destroyed. Such a program of self-destruction, by their own powers introduced in the mental field of consciousness of people. And the money seems to be an end in itself. Separate from the human phenomenon.
due to the imposed unlimited permission atheists, (now understand that this epithet suited to those who killed in himself all the gods, then all the strange gods, and the last remaining on the cross hung, also in the form of the dead, and themselves indulged in the Idea of Big Business breeding suckers and rabbits, sheep and chickens, Chicks and stallions).
the point turned the engines of the Ideas of the consumer society. The idea that they are elite, chosen, above all people, and that means people. Other – no other screws and bolts for industry and war. They can do anything, they are the same creature. And we want to do Big Business "usurping the whole Earth" to be the elite, the Royal family. So the rest of the peoples of the crown it is necessary to remove, to deprive of honor and dignity. Earth to devalue in their minds that they wanted to leave the land as something desirable and unattainable. For this you need a good plan for the ages to confuse everything so that they beat wrong, all the time putting anyone at risk. Big Business all on hand, all are fighting with each other, not noticing who really throws the whole Business. Who benefits from the revolution in all countries, to the people themselves, on their own brushing of Earth coveted BB-su from themselves. Deprived itself of their Ideas, the ideology of the Genus from the origin and still.
Fear and guilt and sin, and shame, become the property of those who are in the torture, by fire, sword, water, zhivotikova, stretching on the rack made slaves. Through these feelings can be easily manipulated on the minds of people, already the descendants of those who survived or those who saw others executed. Because of the cellars of the Inquisition, the double standards of monasteries and churches: singing songs is a top, bottom, tormented all with impunity; on top of talking about shame and modesty, lower binge-eating, copulating with those who tell that they're witches, and if you do not go yourself in the sex, then death to them is inevitable; the top is suggestible that the material is evil, sinful bind themselves assigned to all material on the Land without paying taxes to the state, which are parasites, filling the Treasury and launder money from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes bisaccate and duty free. the people, seeing all this there is apathy and helplessness because of fear of the other hisses at him to shut up, otherwise it will be worse. Where do worse. Yes, great business! Moreover, the raped people and their descendants do carry money, every day around the world, hands us a kiss, praise and buy everything we sell, then washing their consciousness, passing down the nature of fear, guilt, shame, blindness, a failure of the generic abilities.
as a result, people become afraid that you are born healthy, beautiful, smart kids that girls and boys are talented and free. This godless monotheists are called – the mark of the Devil. Killed for what is most valuable in the real material world of wealth and prosperity. Devaluing it in the mental field to the fear of awareness, fear of intelligence, fear of beauty, fear of wealth, fear of success and prowess. All tribal gods, all the threads of the Universe in the cellars of the Inquisition called capacious word – the Devil. Divided the World in half – Black and White, Heaven and Hell, removed the rainbow from the perception of people.
fortunately the World is not black and white – it is colorful. Demonology was not written by Gentiles, while those who tormented them. Recording the reactions of the body and mental disorders because of their torture, classifying certain status, calling them by various names. In the end, the easiest torture is filling time, in all holes with plenty of water was considered without bias and self-harm. Everyone else should just read the Internet enough information.
as a result, on earth there are bio-robots who are in prison of your own perception of reality. Native land, so it seems a prison, the body's unwelcome, it feels pain and weakness in the violence. Feelings of beauty, joy, happiness, share, be impossible without shame or embarrassment. With his help, "business," it seemed easy to break the Spirit, the Will to discredit the Soul of entire peoples. To enslave them, and make them obliged to pay tribute to a century... But the body is still and a large library which is impossible to burn any fires of the Inquisition, nor any nuclear war, or what is imposed on alcohol, drugs since birth, we offer in temples, during communion wine and a variety of incense.
Consuming perception of Big Business, the idea of building a consumer Society, the idea of remoteservice people, depersonalization and grabbing humanity and individuation, the human World seems silly, stupid, and easily directed in a particular Ideological direction. This Ideology is condemned by the very Great quality of our Land and of each Person to be able to make streams of subtle matter of the Universe, Stars, turning them into our planetary Solar System in real objects without the plants, only one multiplication, division and integration in the splendor that is on the Earth. Creators Create Creative Creativity Creators.
to Feel his greatness and part of the Universe is to expand its deadlock, limited perception, was the archetypal after experiencing the sacrament to all the Worlds. Because DNA and RNA are all recorded, and everything you can think of. Come to the seminar "Worlds in us – we in the worlds." To feel what Ideological "kopachuck" worn on the head, what ideology steers your mental consciousness. Who put it on. What the knee. Some ancestor of your family. Why. How do you perform alien program against his Kind, against his Land eventually became the hostage of this okolpachivaniya.
Come to the workshop "Worlds in us — we in the worlds".

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