to better understand the man, you have to become a little of his own, to "get into his skin". But if You want a little more to understand Your child, not even to understand, and to see and feel what he sees and feels it, there's an easy way to do it.

Often we do not think that our children perceive the world differently, not as we are, just because they are smaller physically in size. And it's an amazing feeling when you're taking the place of the child, and the scale of the surroundings immediately change.

I suggest You perform a small exercise that allows you to understand how the child feels in our big world.

Find a quiet place where You won't be disturbed. Stand in the middle of the room and look around. What do you see? What do you feel? Look left, right, look back. Remember Your feelings. We'll get back to you.

Now get down on the floor, sit as you wish. And also look around, left, right, up, down. What do You feel? What do you see? What are Your feelings?

How to change the picture of the surrounding when You "declined"? What feelings do these changes have caused you? What images appeared in your head?

For me, when I performed for the first time this exercise was a great discovery that the child sees everything differently, from a different angle. Just before this simple idea somehow came to mind. And now, sitting on the floor so familiar, but so unfamiliar with this viewpoint, the room I had, how horrible it is when a child sees hanging over him is a huge adult who is unhappy about something and yelling or just loud talking. And how scary when this huge man grabs your arm and where it drags. I understand how it is useful from time to time descend to the level of perception of their child and explore the world from there.

Now, when I get the urge to shout at his son, I immediately think of this picture: the huge adult - and a small, defenseless child, looking with fright out from the bottom, and immediately the mood changes and emotions subside. I want to be with my son, but not over it.

I Hope that the exercise will be useful )

Julia Udodova
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