That the therapy was successful therapist it is important to see "the world through the eyes of the customer".

When a child is born, he has certain abilities, inclinations, temperament, but the installation, Outlook on life, attitude to the world form the child's adults - the people who raise him.

the Child gets in a family in a mini-society and it takes all that he continue to go through life. Formed a prism through which one will view the world.

for Example, in a family where there was a constant lack of money and lack of love, the child will form a certain prism. And in the family, where the child is loved, financial abundance, she will be different. Now this is what I call extreme, but every person has the "prism" view of the world formed their own.

When a client comes to me for therapy, the first thing we learn his lens - the positions of the installation, through which the client sees the world and his attitude towards it.

after Examining this, you can understand what to produce of transformation in favor of the client.

Example of the practice. The world through the eyes of Eugene.

"the World is unfair," said Jack, talking about his life.
"what is it injustice in your opinion?"I said.
"Why such beautiful girl as I spend evenings alone and ugly and stupid my girlfriends are all married? What they have is what there is in me?"with tears in his eyes, Jack continued.
"Jack, do you think that those friends have some other qualities that are not yours?"
"Yes! Of course, possess. Them from nature was given something, what is not given to me. And these guys are morons to them to throw. At least one of a normal guy caught me. All some unreliable and stupid"- the evil she said.
"Jack, you've only been unreliable and stupid men? A normal you've never met?"
"No, never. Normal does not happen, I guess. And these friends husbands are also some silly. Two of a kind. Man does not believe, not one"- was still angry with Jack.
"I understand that you men are not trust?"I said.
"Yes," she said firmly.
"Jen, tell us about the relationship of their parents. What were they like and what they are now.."
"there's nothing to tell. My father left my mom when she was pregnant with me and more in our life did not appear"...

Genis World built through the "prism" of mistrust men and comparing yourself to more successful friends, which she devalues.

And then began our therapy.

Julia Talantseva
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