Few people like to be in an alarming condition. Intuitively, we use different tools, which help to calm down or distracted. Many of these intuitively-chosen funds in the long run only reinforce the anxiety. First of all it is alcohol, drugs, overeating, viewing Internet pornography, the obsessive repetition of ritual and even the application of cuts on the skin.

These methods make a person fall into a vicious circle of its problems: anxiety -> alcohol -> relief ->hangover, negative thoughts about themselves and their life -> regret, guilt -> acceptance of a firm decision not to drink anymore and start a new life -> failure vertriebene -> depletion of willpower -> alarm -> uncontrollable desire for alcohol.

Similar cycles occur in other "bad habits". True, everywhere has its own characteristics, which depend on the way of reducing anxiety. So, when eating disorder, there is often a cycle of binge eating and self-restraint that reinforce each other. Alarm -> feed -> solace -> sorrow -> the decision to change everything, to fix -> hard self-restraint -> failure -> anxiety, fault -> an uncontrollable craving for food.

After several such cycles the person gives up and becomes depressed. Sometimes there is a desire to start a new life, but because he doesn't know how to do it properly, all over again. There is a feeling of meaninglessness of any effort and the body just "saves" energy, forcing the man to abandon the solution to your problem. Why? Pointless...

But breaking this vicious circle is possible, if you learn new, constructive ways of coping with anxiety (negative thoughts and feelings, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, constructive strategy of behavior, etc.).

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