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   Psychotherapy of children and adolescents depends on the ability to find the right approach in each case child. When working with children it is necessary to remember about the age and personality of the child. That is the skill of a child psychologist, psychotherapist.

   a Decisive “key” moment the whole work is to build trust with the child. And if at the first meeting, the psychologist failed to make the necessary contact for psychotherapy and remedial work is unlikely to bring success. If the psychologist feels that the contact has failed, it is better to clarify this with family members and redirect the child to another specialist. Do not try to deserve that trust, because it will look like simulated process. Not  forget that if the first meeting was held without a trusting relationship with the child, the psychologist may only exacerbate his painful experiences and cause distrust of all professionals in this field. In working with children we always have on the first step to put his health, psychological comfort, and individual characteristics.

    In my practice, I met with a large number of cases where psychologists have tried to work with childhood trauma, while not having specific experience and skill. Very often I am asked the parents to take the child to therapy already established distrust, aggression their child to psychologists. And the truth is, you have to spend a lot of time, not to work through childhood trauma, and to restore trust between the child and me as a specialist who can help him. You need to trust your therapist that he could follow him safely to select and adjust your path. Psychologist for children, it's like a mentor who conveys knowledge, experience, helps to be happy. But that would be all to adopt it, you need to have to contact trust and safety.

   the Most frequent treatment of parents is one of the most exciting now the school – suicide. The next challenge personal resilience and professionalism of the psychologist. In working with such children it is important to have, both emotional and cognitive-behavioral preparation for the meeting with a suicidal situation. It is important to have a well-developed intuition and skill to solve (and see) this “cry for help”. The identity of the psychologist are very important and how it is objectively aware of its potential for practical assistance. Is important for the child to feel that he is important and needed, and not understand that he is a threat to the school or burden. It is important not to alienate, to clear up all the problems with it, not to ignore all its manifestations (signs of suicide). It is necessary to determine the seriousness of the threat to his health, help him to understand that stress interferes fully aware of the situation.   

  the most Important section of a child psychologist and therapist is to normalize the school environment. This work should be carried out in conjunction with psychologists, teachers, social workers. The most effective if the school psychologist will liaise with the children's therapist and to build a school environment of the child in accordance with the recommendations (as not all school psychologists are educated in the field of psychotherapy). The interaction of all experts is a good preventive work for high-quality adaptation and learning process of pupils.

  it is Important to remember that a huge impact on character formation of the child provides children's team, especially the school. Students who have any psychological difficulties, usually severe their experience in school. Such children find it difficult to build communication with their peers, tend to experience amplified by 4-5 class. Hardly improving the entire system of personal relations.  And in puberty develop secondary neurotic layers to the basic pain. But, unfortunately, the school system does not always correctly apply to such children. Often pedagogical errors are the source of children's psychological turmoil (of heavy psychogenic[1]). As a result, the school is to contribute to the rehabilitation and correction of a problem child, she becomes a source of additional mental injury.

   Another feature, faced in conducting psychotherapy at the school, is that in the process we are dealing with are constantly growing, changing organism. About it should not be forgotten. Every age deals for each period of child development its instability. Very often, many experts define the path of development of the child's personality without regard to its compensatory abilities, the nature of the occurrence of crises.

 Successful psychotherapy without establishing relationships in the school team and the elimination of all traumatic psyche of the child impossible.  of Great importance in the psychotherapy of children and adolescents have the psychotherapy environments – school. Creating a favourable environment rich in the necessary for every child with joy, affection and warmth. After all, the school the child spends a very large amount of time. To the child's health requires optimal conditions for comfortable and safe social environment.  Psychotherapeutic work should be closely combined with the psycho-prophylactic and psycho-hygienic activities.   

[1] Psychogenicmental state from the mental reactions to diseases: mental disease or mental disorder caused by emotional shock (synonymous with the concept of — reactive States); modification of the clinical picture of some psychiatric diseases under the influence of emotional turmoil. Psychogenic easily transferred to psychosomatic interaction. They are repairable by psychotherapy.

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