There are men that you can finally get a chance to feel happy and truly loved. To feel that behind grow wings and now you have nothing to fear, because now you have IT - your man-chance.

Yes, men are not as common as we would like. I even tend to think that a chance like this is no more than one or maybe two times in my life. And basically you can meet him when finally despaired and lost all hope to be happy again and loved, because you have so many times heart broken ...

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And that's when you finally decided to end it all, all these passions that is served with the head, identify relationships and the eternal struggle for the right to be happy with this man you have suddenly met HIM - a chance for all what had never expected.

Such a man will not need to hold in all possible ways, he will not have to prove what you are good at and convince him that you and him would be best. No, it will remain in your distant past, because this man and so it will be good to understand how fortunate he is. He will just feel you too, that you are to him is boundless, calm and confident love.

This man will restore your faith in true love, will heal all your wounds and scars, will gather up the pieces of your heart and again will teach you to trust. He will be patient and gentle. He will be willing to wait until you are again able to someone to open up and to trust. It will be ready. And then you decide to take a chance and give both of you another chance - this time last.

After all, you just realize that it is really your native and close people. You will become so good and quiet, you will understand that all was not in vain, because here IT is - your reward for all the suffering that you've had sometime to pass, your chance to start over and be really happy. Just believe it and not miss it... good Luck to you!

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sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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