Often in life I someone has a good job, a relationship, perhaps long-awaited child.
And it seems to be live and be happy, and do not want to. Or want to, but the power to do not like at all...

Familiar? Why is this happening? br>
each of you has there own reason for such condition. We will describe a few that may look familiar to you. br>
Spend effort on something else
for Example, is not a job for your own satisfaction, but in order to please the boss. Or cook the wrong food, which we appreciate, and try to make something that will appreciate in-law.
And in this case to the fore our desire to please everyone around: boss, neighbor, partner, mom, dad. Or are you trying to meet all the child's wishes, clients, etc.
Then becomes more important than content, and this desire to be "good". Usually it takes a lot of effort, it's exhausting. And for themselves and the fulfillment of desires, strength remains. br>
Suppress some feeling
Quite often we hear from clients and from friends that they are diligently trying some of their senses not to notice, I want to get rid of them, cut and throw. This is especially true of anger. Why is it impossible and unnecessary, even dangerous, private conversation.
here Is soprativlenie feelings, ignoring them and suppressing actually spends quite a lot of our energy.
for Example, you try to ignore and suppress my anger at the partner (because you can not be angry, huh?). And once suppressed, second, third, and then the time together you do not want or just do not want in a relationship. All forces on the relationship there. br>
Trying to communicate something to other people
Through his usually expressed as weakness.
for Example, to directly say that something in the relationship does not suit you for various reasons can't. But to be exhausted. Then this state of "no strength" can be seen as a message to your partner: "I'm mad at you", "change", etc.
it Often happens that it is very difficult to ask for care and support from another person as if there is no belief that in a more cheerful state can be obtained. Then the message might be: "take care of me", "come with me", etc.

Neglect taking care of yourself.
the cornerstone of good sleep, food, rest, exercise.
If you are used to put ourselves in last place or a concern about your physical condition move on then, this will have an impact on your level of strength. Very difficult to work or engage in some business when the body is trying to cope with the constant nervousness about the lack of proper rest, fights the urge to close his eyes and sleep. br>
Constantly make myself
In the world of adults quite a lot of different kind of commitment: "we need something, you have it and here it is"... Sometimes it seems that a series of these "should" never ends, and it is unclear what it's about. At work all day "must" wash the dishes "need to" clean up "necessary", the child in school, kindergarten, section, food to cook, with the cat removed... must, must, Must... the day to day whirlwind and no fun. In this case, the focus shifts from the content to the eternal obligations which are perceived as suffering. All the power is spent on OVERCOMING that in the balance? Forces there.

Take something and then turn on the inner critic that says that there is not, and here, and we would have faster and easier, and still have better. There's people your age, so good deal, not you. In faith, knocked guidelines, if you do it by 250% and nothing else. Still will not work or still does not work perfectly. So exhausting that doing more does not want anything... ever.
Better sit on the couch and watch a soap Opera.

Possible solutions:

If you listened to your body, and there is a ripe question for the psychologist to ask it to us:

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