There are no guarantees in relationships


In otrrent, as you know, there are no guarantees.

They might end up tomorrow you can live life and die one day, they can be of infidelity and illness, birth of children or their death. Maybe everything.

Think of many stops this fear of the unknown. People want guarantees for the future. Even the marriage contract was created. But regarding feelings , relationships, emotions and health of such contracts never will be.

So does this mean that we are completely passive and can do nothing to affect our relationship?

No, it does not. In a relationship there is a responsibility and Vybir two people . And , though not all, but many in their power. Emotions, health , feelings - because we know a little bit about yourself and your nature, right? So, if you're eco-friendly to treat their body and soul, then surely in our power for their modranska and development. For a partner we can not answer. But , it shows his attitude even before the moment of creation of family. If he drinks every day after work, why people think that in 10 years people will not drink ?

If people never wore shoes and didn't go to the gym , why do we think that in 10 years he will be with us to run marathons ?

the same can be said about tantrums, cheating, Smoking, drugs, gambling, etc.

Yes, many of us are not insured, but a lot can be seen almost immediately.

That however can change?

People can change jobs, scope of activities, change krcg communication, to change a little in appearance, to earn more or less money, have children and engage in their education instead of a career, or Vice versa, change krcg interests , but no more.

overall it will remain the same person you fell in love with him. Accompany crises are scary, but the key word is TOGETHER. And it's great.

Many people ask how to decide on another relationship ? It's so scary and painful..

And imagine yourself at 40, 50, 60 years. You see yourself as a loved one ? Or alone?

I Think this picture will give strength to go into these Precarious relationships.

Alexander Smirnov
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