There is such breed of people - Psychologists

Psychologist, whether he is an ordinary man?

did he?

What science tells us about psychology? What data it has?

We know that the movement through the birth canal accompanied by psychologists of the birth trauma. It is reliably known. That is why subsequently they holotropic breathing, remembering the bruises and abrasions on the thorny path.

since the first months of life psychologists differ markedly from the other people.

At a time when ordinary children show the complex recovery, the future psychologists come to life are quite different systems.

When all the children enthusiastically suck the mother's breast and gulim, psychologists have for nursing breast envy and gratitude, secretly wanting to eat her.

as soon as psychologists gain independence and bipedalism as immediately alienate yourself in the mirror.

In the mirror, as you know, Vice versa. And on the back, we all know the ass.

Discovering the ass J psychologists get anal fixation.

When ordinary girls play with dolls in mothers and daughters, girls, psychologists have penis envy boys.

When straight boys play in the sand with toy cars, boys, psychologists are trying to possess the mother and eliminate the father.

In science, this behavior psychologists are called complex electro-Oedipus.

In the elementary school of the future psychologists always fine motor skills are well developed as the processes of excitation greatly outweigh the braking process.

This leads to the fact that psychologists remain clumsy and excited for the rest of his life, which greatly hinders them when dealing with normal people.

Adolescence is marked by love and friendship, but not for young psychologists.

According to psychological science, they have this period of intensive development of identity and initiative volitional regulation.

But what about desire? you ask.

It is the desire to involve young psychologists on the psychological faculties of universities. There they learn for five years to satisfy these demands.

And in the end, psychologists are beginning to understand that they have really only one desire.

just at this very moment, the identity of the psychologist finalized and it remains only to explain the importance of his only desire to other people. Actually, it is the profession of psychologist.


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