there is No evil in me, in me all right, all absolutely...

Inside us lives a double consciousness, one always tries to develop, the other to destruction and inertia. Ego and soul are divided and tame your ego for the sake of going to the perfect target. What we perceive as happiness, joy, satisfaction is a certain way of thinking, and as a consequence of a certain way of life, habits, and behavioral choices. What is called evil and destruction is a part of us that is not moving in the best direction, which lives at the expense of stagnant energy, the energy is chaotic and not directional, and this means that we are bad, but our choice is wrong.

There is one definition of the correct choice, if you really become happy. Then the choice is correct. We are children of nature, as it does not retain that contradicts it. In nature, the main energy is prosperity. All committed to prosperity, acceptance and awareness of what you really are, a lot of people have played in the tragedy and have a bad habit to suffer. People who play the sacrificial scenario is even worse than drug addicts and alcoholics, which, although short, but find a thrill, their habits of thinking and destroy itself was the last cry of the society in which few people finds herself and shows happiness. It is the people on the verge is the pain of humanity, those who do not want to live in the popular world who are lost, but protest and their protest is that they kill themselves. People living in the illusions of victims, villains, and drama between the characters create a world social formation, and this habit is suffering huge number of people around that are included in scenarios of victims. Look around and ask yourself how many happy people around you? How many among you those who do not complain, and radiates joy and thriving? Who survives and to ensure a harmonious existence in the world?

There are reasons why we think a certain way and live a certain way, in which the main purpose of life is survival, suffering, loneliness and destruction. Of course, there is another way, they don't tell you in schools and social institutions, is the way in which we can come back home to yourself.

I passed this way from separation, destruction and deformation and were able to maintain themselves intact and now I know a different way of thinking and a different way of life, without evil to himself. It is the way of integrity when all about you are correct, everything is perfect. You created this, and no La you, you do not need to break and deform.

In the social world is dominated by ideas of solitude, of separation, of disconnection. A child is taught to survive, to seek happiness outside of ourselves and know that it is short. I teach what the meaning of life in suffering, all religions are based on guilt and its atonement. Is only be born so soon become guilty of original sin and all the rest is manipulation of the masses, who are terribly afraid to go to hell, where Satan will poke them with his pitchfork in the most tender places. The world is in the dual system, the essence of which is that we are divided inside, there are evil is good, they always fight and there is no way to win, people are taught from childhood that the world is cruel, you need to learn to survive and fight for his place under the sun. the Core beliefs of people with divided consciousness "My life does not belong to me, and I can at any time lose it" this conviction has formed the needs to protect, control and check if everything is in order. "Everything is controlled by destiny, I could get hurt at any moment", and therefore should insure his life. What a huge number of insurance services is booming in the market due to this animal's fear of people. "I don't deserve this I'm suffering" is thought of and that someone holds over you all the tragedies of this world deliberately, you are dependent on them. "really going to suffer if this is going to happen, or not happen," pre-formulated program about the negative reaction to the situation. "I need stability to feel secure", a conviction that makes you believe that the world is consistent and you can be confident in the future. In nature there is no stability, there is harmony and creativity and constant change, the idea of stability equal to the death.

And if tomorrow never comes? Indeed, such a system of thinking people always live in stress, he contends, fights, suffers, and rises again to prove to someone, something, and then suddenly discovers that it is not happy, because all forces are spent on the illusion and deal with them. One need only look at yourself and ask: "am I Happy in this system of thinking?" It is in the model world, we are happy because we don't live in the world we live in models, as proven by scientists NLP quantum physicists, and two thousand years ago, confirmed the basic tenets of Buddhism.

This is the essence of thinking dualism, duality, thought, flat and unpromising. Look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? When I suddenly ostanovilos, I found that my thoughts do not reveal my essence, something I'm doing wrong, I work a lot, but do not become happier and richer, I do a lot for everyone, but no time to do anything for myself, I have two red diploma, but can't afford to buy freely whatever I want, I'm a good wife and mom, I do not give flowers and not pleasing to me. I suddenly realized that I don'T LIVE, I languish, full of props, posed by millions of people, because so thriving social network, reality shows, illusion supported by those who control the puppets.

One day I came to work and read a phrase in the book Ramtha: "the world is not designed to be a prison"...I stopped, suddenly realization filled me with a flood of thoughts and feelings and I understand that I will no longer continue, I'll give up everything that causes me pain, I'll stop doing what you're doing millions of inertia. I'll have a look myself. At that moment the world stopped and I felt that there is something greater and deeper in this time, in this dimension of consciousness, it should be something that should find and then I went in search of their own secrets. I finished "Book of Dreams" and realized that in my mind are programs that are not effective, if I did not become happier from all this knowledge, so they don't need. I looked out the window, and realized what it meant: "God is diffused in nature", around encrypted information, in the world in which we lived, everywhere, including ourselves opened live book. I began to read her thoughts: "Everything is conscious, every dew drop, every movement of the wind, everything is moving to understanding yourself, the meaning of life in the realization of". Not in achieving the goal and the knowledge on the way to his dream. And then everything fell into place: "I came into this world to understand itself as a creative force," "I knew that I would see the options and choose the reality in which I'll be happy", "the World is inside of you", "Changing the world in itself, change the world around", "All life is spiritual if you're happy", "No time other than the present," "Everything around is you, why defend yourself from yourself, take what you created and create a different, improved version", "everything happens For a reason, I no longer struggle with the world, I will allow him to blossom."

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