When you really want to be paired, but still single… What could be the reasons?

“I want to love I want to be in a relationship!  Want to meet my man and create a family with him… But not found the guy, not the same…»

Indeed, often found this situation, when a woman is beautiful and smart, and the conversation pleasant, but the couple is not. Like on a Dating site she signed up, and there are very active, sending “candidate”, enjoys attention and is significant. But all these "candidates" not the…

If you have a similar situation in my life, I would recommend to start to get your hidden benefits.

that is good, valuable and comfortable for you in the current situation?

Sometimes hard to answer and so help to metaphorical Association cards (MAC).

So the heroine of this article said “I don't Have any benefit from this situation! The years go by, all have families, children, and I have one and one. This is not the case… Solid faults rather than the benefits here.»

Pulling the card and see what they tell looking. And our heroine says:

    - Here is the map with clouds I associated with freedom. And it was this confident, powerful, independent.

That is my hidden benefit freedom, doing what and when you want. There's no need for someone to negotiate.

    - And this card is like a fairy tale or a fantastic cartoon.
    And girl, when you look at it from afar, so beautiful, delicate, charming. But upon closer contact, and don't know what is true.

That is, the benefit is that until he sees my flaws, and pokes me in my imperfection.

    -  still, the map is very romantic. The girl is waiting on this side of It… And he is somewhere out there in the way.

In this romanticism, it's nice to be in the role of “Princess waiting for a Prince». And dream of a fabulous love… About the ideal man, and our beautiful life possible.

Benefits that avoid the fear that this relationship will end in failure and pain.

As you can see, the hidden benefits revealed, and they are significant: feel freedom, emotional comfort, to dream about the ideal man and avoidance of possible pain.

Now the question for the heroine, that it will be more valuable, to enter into a relationship and from time to time “to sit round the negotiating table” that would find a compromise. So both partners were happy with this Union. Or to save the current character.

About disadvantages, they are everyone, and you can build a healthy relationship where we support and not ‘cut wings”. But the partner applies as well need to support, not “poking his nose in the gaps, like a kitten”.

And with fear of pain and the failure in the relationship will work in other psychological tools.

And I believe that our heroine must see suitable for her man. And they together will build relationships, full of love and care!

Wish her luck and send warm rays support!

P. S. to all who want online consultation MAC operates summer event, the cost will be 1 400 rubles. (50 min). Record by phone +7 985 509-03-91 (what's app).

the Number of available seats is limited.

With respect, the psychologist Svetlana Filippova

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