there is no such character in nature, as "therapist"


this is not an advanced guru, with the secret knowledge or the wise doctor, with a prescription in your pocket at all occasions. he's just a little over treated a client than someone who sits in front:)

in this sense, I like the metaphor about the two children peering into a dark basement. the first looks back with horror and panic, and the second – with interest and excitement. ready to bravely accompany the partner in his journey. 

this does not mean that the second child knows this black hole or searched every cellar in the world, together with the attics. just before it's been explored, in company with another girl, the cellar under their home. 

and remember there expecting to see something horrible. robber with a knife, a dragon the size of a mountain or of a skeleton with burning eyes, who snaps his jaw.

the child held the hand of his brave escort, avoiding the closet behind a closet, looking at all angles. she illuminated the darkness a little light. to her astonishment, except a couple of dead rats, cobwebs in the corners and boring stuff, they are nothing more is found. 

only girl in this journey firmly held the child's hand and talked to him. they were considered disgusting rat tail and one-eyed doll. the girl raised the lantern when he fell and included as Gus. 

to study the horrible cellars where something always drips or ready to collapse, it happens that fear pazderova horror strashnee the worst fuckup. it turns out that this fear or despair, shame, or boredom can be withstand and survive together. 

and next need a supportive witness. the one with whom you can live that experience and share it. he is not a knight, alchemist or magician. but the same child became an experienced specialist in his own basement.

Here's another metaphor, suggested by a colleague "Mirror":                                               the therapist's mirror clean, smooth, no bends, waves and other things. Not crooked that is.&And in this mirror you can see yourself as is, with all the cracks, stains and irregularities. The therapist will reflect honestly and will not darken) And does not turn away, and show you why "you're the fairest of them all". And help you to see yourself present in the here and now.

 And share your metaphors?



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