Thinness at any cost


... I don't know how exactly to call my problem, but I'm going crazy. 10 years I live with it. At first I lost weight to 35 kg, and then began a terrible bulimic. I ate as much as not eating adult man. Then it gets worse. I started to induce vomiting , sliced up all the legs from that overeaten and could not control myself. And so every year.
six Months, I successfully lose weight, and then a click and all sajor a year-long. Can I borrow money to buy a lot of food and to overeat. It's just hell. It is not controlled. 
six Months live normally and reaching goals in 52 kg , I begin to eat, how not to, and now I'm 80...
That's straight inside as if something is triggered, even though my installation 45 kg, but the weight is below 55 or if I can see and feel what is already dry, all in my head click and I apart. 
Last time managed to control Zagor and reduce it to 2 months instead of a year, but in the 2 months I'm 54 kg scored 70. 
Now off to 55 kg, and began, I all April in sejarah 3 day cheese weight absorb, to drink alcohol. 
from what I understand all this but can do nothing about. It transcends something. And I consciously know why I came today nutty, and sat down let things slide. But this realization is not the path to healing. What to do with this knowledge? "

It's a classic story:

of endless pain, agony, helplessness and despair.
about the ongoing struggle with myself, food, weight and RPP;
on the wrong targets, the wrong approach, inexperience and errors;
about avoidance of reality and fear to live a different life.

People with RPP (in particular, suffering from bulimia) using strategy - thinness at any cost (by the way, bulimic very different sizes, some of them are quite thin and pretty complete):
control, suppress and avoid unpleasant thoughts and emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, etc. 
solve their internal issues, for example, increase self-esteem, self-confidence, feel more successful, powerful, pleased with himself (like myself), correspond to the group, etc.
 provide a foothold, a sense of security, safety and survival.

it seems (here is the key point) that if they get fat, it will be behind the life, will be ugly, unsuccessful, weak, sick. Others in the group finally learn what they really are. And happen terrible  - rejection, loneliness, death....

And anything, what these stories have lasted for dozens of years, and things are there. But the scenario is familiar to every point.
People easily and thoughtlessly succumbed to the influence of modern stereotypes (because most have no internal supports) is definitely believe in your distorted thoughts and wrong conclusions based on inconclusive database, but have not checked, but is it true? Maybe there are other alternatives? 

Girl, asked what to do with her knowledge? My answer, to Mature and to go into therapy, and what would you advise her?

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