Through seven circles of hell


Very often we wonder how to behave with people, that they were truthful with us? And more often we are filled with indignation about the fact that people tend to lie as to Smoking, for example.

I Know one person, his name will cover the secret, this woman let's call her "Lady N". This woman, at first glance seemed to be a very honest and correct person. However, when a closer and more intimate fellowship with her, I saw THAT "Lady N" is carefully concealed from everyone. As being a tyrant in his family, she was shown to neighbors, friends and strangers, his crystal benefactor. For teaching everyone around you the truth, "Lady N" she lied to a continuous heavy flow, to the point that when the phone is ringing, she instantly asked myself the question "what to say to that person? I can't say how it is." All actions and words in life, "Lady N" was to create their own image in the eyes of strangers. And this image in whatever was supposed to be bright, kind and not outraged honest. Not a few important is the fact that "Lady N" flagged all around in lies, dishonesty and the desire to dispense with her cruel and not fair. And every attempt to expose the "Lady N" is a lie, she reacted aggressively, accompanied with insults.

Here is such a simple case. Not enough time I talked to "Lady N" and start our communication I was able on the basis of her advice to me. In a friendly atmosphere, she told me how to properly raise children, how to handle a husband that is craftable from the people. What resulted and parental tyranny in childhood and low self-esteem, but the worst, full of dislike for themselves. These wounds hurt and haunt. Here is what is actually concealed from the people, "Lady N", pain which could not cope on their own. Its tyranny in the family, she has proved herself that she is strong and lies covered the feelings of worthlessness.

In the process of communication, "Lady N" is found it has a lot of really good qualities and worthy actions in life. What helped significantly to raise her self-esteem. Back in her childhood, and with tears in his eyes raised the love of this pure angel "the girl N". Gradually, the need for lies is gone, and "Lady N" recognized a private right to make mistakes.

Since then, it took a dozen years and recently we met with this wonderful woman. Yes, it is now a completely different person. The man who found the strength and desire to overcome his own demons. The man who was not afraid to go back in time and change his present and future. She was truly a beloved wife and mother and managed to get a sincere respect for others, and most importantly, "Lady N" realized that only by truly loving yourself, truly love others.

there is No limit to my admiration for that woman!

Tatiana Selinger 24.12.2018.

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