Through the body to the brain


a long time scientists neuroscientists have made a very important discovery. The same region of the brain registers physical pain, and emotional. What does this mean?

  • When we hurt physically, we suffer emotionally. I think you notice if you have something hurts, it's hard to radiate joy and happiness. And Vice versa. If your life was something negative or you are in a stressful situation, your body too, as if suffering: the poses become insecure, starts to hurt the stomach or head, productivity falls. Reprimanded head to work already and do not want and can not.
  • Keep your distance! The distance matters. And it's not just about safe driving. The closer we get to the person, the feelings for him stronger. Easier person to offend on the phone than in person, isn't it? Many of overturning the claims in the chat over in person. And how hard it is to maintain long-distance relationships, communicating only via Skype... We lose touch. After all, physical proximity promotes psychological. Personal communication gives us a lot of warm feelings and a sense of intimacy, rather than the correspondence in social networks or phone calls. Therefore, when the personal interview of chances to get a vacant place in the company of your dreams much more! And if you want to talk to someone about important things and strive for understanding, choose a way to do it in person at the meeting.
  • the Need for social relations is also laid in our evolution and social pain we experienced as physical. It is important to be evaluated that are relevant to being noticed. To leave a person you love is really hurt.
  • the Feeling of loneliness causes a feeling of cold and Vice versa, when I'm cold, I often feel lonely. Especially in autumn there, right?:) You can, of course, to explore alone. Maybe it is not situational and not seasonal. And with the hug of a loved one, cuddling closer to him or wrapped in baby soft with a Cup of hot tea or cocoa. Remember how the campfire you want to approach others, to come closer, to tell stories, you want to get closer and to interact.
  • Moral acts cause physical disgust. Violent scenes in life or a movie, give us a sense of disgust and nausea, often associated with a desire to wash, take a shower or wash my hands. After this operation, can be better, you feel clearer both mentally and physically. In such a situation, do we look like "washed" from something very nasty, getting rid for a while from guilt and other negative emotions. People often talk about the relationship between morality and physical cleanliness.

it Turns out that our brain does not always differentiate between physical pain and discomfort from the pain of another kind. Our mental and physical worlds are inextricably linked. Such a relationship was not formed to make you life worse. This awareness gives us greater opportunities to protect themselves from emotional, to take care of themselves. Evolution wise thing. It saves our resources, leveraging the same brain areas.

That is, the brain can be treated and the body. Proof of this are, for example, techniques of meditation or practices of mindfulness that help to remove even chronic pain. Myself personally and in my work I often draw on the resources of the client's body and use techniques of mindfulness, breathing practices, secular meditation.

Engage in physical exercise, dance, meditate. All this helps to strengthen not only our body. In a healthy body really, healthy spirit, friends!

And if you want to strengthen your spirit, I will be able to walk this path with you! See you at the consultation!

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