Remember one of the coolest films on psihologicheskom problems? "The sixth sense" with a stunning Bruce Willis and not the least amazing miracle baby Haley Joel Osment?

on the one hand, this mystical Thriller, which is a posthumous trial of the soul known and successful therapist after the brutal violence against him by a former patient and psychopath. On the other hand, it is quite adequate for the movie showing the underside of psychological and psychotherapeutic work with a very deep meaning and an important message.

so, thin, vulnerable nine year old boy Cole Siera bother literally dead. He sees they are in the most unflattering images. But the problem is that the baby can not without the help of a doctor to overcome your fear. Vision prevented him. In a school team he was a pariah, an outcast, the object of ridicule. Besides, his condition deteriorated due to the divorce of his parents.

Child suffers. In the film, the mystical shell hiding deep trauma to a young soul. So, from the first frame, a story about a child's life, we see a boy leaving the house in a prohibitively large glasses (as it turns out, this glasses have been removed and diopters, owned by his father, left the family).

a Heartwarming story, equipped with scenes of neglect, fear and despair of a little boy, completely incomprehensible for such a young age actions aimed at the formation of "the desired", is largely Supervisory and the has a therapeutic effect.

So, trying to look like a "normal" child, Cole agrees with a classmate, who despise him, that he will play under the Windows of the apartment, for my mother's calm, "friendly" stage. Classmate selfishly and cynically takes the conceived Cole. However, attempts to fit in and become part of it and meet a lot of obstacles, traumatizing the child's psyche.

Actually need to be accepted by the team stems from the desire of a boy to seem "normal", that is because of the desire to conform, primarily, to his mother, who is concerned about the health of her child.

Hyper, which we all repeatedly say, especially in single-parent families between the mother and the younger son, basically neurotic. Often there is a desire for a single mother to bring her child to the state of "normality" standard. And life is very common not accepting a child with any special needs, and the desire to "cure" to "get rid of" some "is not such a" worldview of the child.

fantasy baby often is subjected to severe formatting, which entails a worsening of the condition of the psyche of the child and violations of contact with the mother. The film also shows the positive scenario of development of relations between the host mother and her special child (with the support of the competent expert, though).
Line Psychology (Savior) - the Child (Victim) can also be viewed as guidelines for therapy, which in real life many of our colleagues, unfortunately, forget.

Faced with a challenging clinical case, passing through doubt in their own competence and importance, we see the therapist carefully examines the condition of his young ward and selflessly helps him, showing an example of humanism and craftsmanship.

How is the healing (or rather recovery) of the child?

a thin Fragile inner world of the child remains inviolable value to himself and to others his relatives.

Harassing a child's imagination-vision get goal setting. "Why do ghosts come to you?" And the child understands that they need help. In our minds "disturbing the ghosts" can be seen as their own projections, fears, injuries from which we run away, fearing the pain and emotional acuity. However, the meeting with the "ghosts" is an initiation of sorts, helping the Child to gain Maturity.

Overcoming fears, the Child becomes for Adults. Adult personality make critical decisions, assists in resolving complex life issues and gradually heals, becoming a part of the team and society.

Overcome intrapersonal conflict, build relationships with his mother, who accepts it. Here is the greatest value of mutual trust and understanding, which sometimes lack in our lives.

Hope Arkhangelsk
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