Go to store, looking for something. And this is not desirable, and it does not want, and what you want, is unclear.

sound Familiar?

Ends up, generally known.

Sweet, of course.

This is a situation I call "symptom of chicken breast with broccoli".

most Likely, You are too monotonous or poor diet.

Every day breast with broccoli. Or a pot of soup, cooked for the whole week. Or food from the canteen, devoid of any nutrients, and bare calories.

In fact, you deny the body to satisfy nutritional needs - he gets as an astronaut tube food called "food".

Food from plants food - just food, clean calories.

the Food, prepared by you manually - the food is different, there are no food additives and flavor enhancers in it, if it does not PE-Casuarina, preserved minerals and nutrients, it is the emotional message in the end.

Your search for "something" this is caused when the body all of the above is not received. And then he gives the signal: "Hey, down there, we're bad. Please send reinforcements."

the reinforcement System is the endorphins and release of dopamine. They produced a sweet, bright, salty, on such and such. Here you are looking for.

But instead of buying an exotic fruit or nut that you yourself will likely again refuse, you will go the easy route..

System for a while silent, received the elementary portion of the reinforcement. Sweet and endorphins in the brain are linked straight thread.

by the Way, besides eating chocolate endorphins are produced from sex, sports, listening to your favorite music and new experiences (dependent on travel).

So if you caught the characteristic finding on store shelves and such-like, better buy yourself a new exotic fruit, though sweet, but with a stock of trace elements and vitamins.

Ayurveda is a person a combination of five flavors each day - bitter , salty, sweet, bitter, tart, and modern man is unlikely to be able to name at least three products with a tart taste.


a Habit to deny yourself the satisfaction of basic needs come from childhood. Most likely, we have been denied the satisfaction of needs of parents. Of course, they were not monsters, we were fed and watered. But maybe they did it in accordance with the directions of Dr. Spock --by the hour. And perhaps with the guidance of the Soviet pediatrician, "not tiskita the baby, then grow up, will not peel off." And the baby languished in solitude, wait for the alarm bell.

Later baby around the age of 1.5 years old were sent to children's work in a kindergarten.

His need to sleep in the morning wasn't satisfied. Also like and need time to sleep because my dad had to watch a football match.

Later the child bought the wrong toy - not desirable, but useful because he was denied the right to examine something under the table or in the sandbox. A child's world consisted of satisfied basic needs of the astronauts.

a Tired mother seated the child in front of the TV to watch a bedtime story instead of having to sit and be lulled him.

So gradually grew and matured social person, ready to work and defense, but not to happiness and interest.

Habits to indulge in tasty, useful, variety has become a challenge banner of the children of the post-Soviet space, and the children of those children.

Such a child is quickly growing up and sad, he was accustomed to deny themselves, but not to deny others. From childhood he was responsible for his brother, a drunk father, a sick grandfather. Becoming for adults, he indulges in needs, besides food and basic clothing, he works a lot, but the pleasure in life - not his strong point.

He denies himself, not denying others. He's looking for love in the giving of yourself to others. It is a way of denial. His cruel crisis - illness or depression.

His pathogenic belief that he is afraid to be abandoned, while he will be thrown in case other people meet their needs.

They also tend to take on exaggerated tasks, not simple, not possible for ordinary people - in effect of the same denial.

a man seriously indulges in care, and another breakdown is inevitable. In the breakdown, he needs instant reinforcement of depleted body - and then sweet or overeating is inevitable.

It avoids the manifestation of his own aggression, because aggression is an attempt to obtain your own. That is why such a person often suffers from a pathological fear or anxiety - nivedana aggression lives inside.

Perhaps it is already clear that they build a dependency relationship with other people, unless completely avoid them, exhausting, istexas in the relationship without getting anything in them.

Recipe: what to do?

the simple rule, which I wrote in my post about the basics of healthy eating, five colorful vegetables and fruits daily, you will be able to get rid of the throw on the shelves.

Plus, it regular three meals a day, hourly, legalized snacking and relaxation.

But this is only the beginning simple and effortless care.

don't forget to look inside yourself - what else do you deny yourself. In the sport? In bodily practice? Massage? In the enjoyment? In the vacation? In going to the movies? In a meeting with friends?

Give yourself space, give yourself therapy treat yourself to a slice of a life in which you - center of the world.

And not wroth with chocolate -- she is not guilty!

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