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Complex and did not allow a real life situation, a serious conflict with relatives or at work, neurotic symptoms – fear, depression, despair, panic attacks, etc., any disease, the cause of which doctors can not install and include the football system by redirecting You to doctors of a different profile, usually cause confusion, anxiety and irritation. At the same time You notice that something similar seems to have occurred in Your life, but on a completely different subject. That is, there are General patterns of occurrence and manifestations of these problems, and the situation is repeated as a rock, little dependent on Your will and desire. In such cases, it makes sense to think about the manifestation of a particular scenario.

Talking about the scenario of Your life. Did You happen to notice the repetition of the same mistakes? They are also called "RAKE"? Well, it would seem, again doing everything right, and again "get on the forehead". Life script is an unconscious program that guides us through life, and he is laid in early childhood, but we do not remember the process of its creation. Sometimes our scenario the response is so fast that we don't even have time to think about our response, and it already happened. And all we then need to do is continue to play his usual role, inherited from our children.

the Founder of transactional analysis, American psychologist and a psychiatrist Eric Berne gave the following definition of life scenario:

the Scenario is gradually unfolding life plan formed in early childhood, mostly influenced by parents. This psychological momentum with a large force pushes the person forward towards his destiny, and very often regardless of its resistance or freedom of choice.

You will be able to feel the action of the scenario when you are asking yourself – "am I Happy for real? Healthy? If I reach my goals? Correctly interact with your family, in society and at work? Whether I really satisfied with this life?"

whether it is Possible in principle, to break the chains of the script!!! and is it necessary? Why to change something in your life? It would seem, has somehow adapted to it. To live familiar and seemingly safer. And there is something to do, work with their feelings, to make efforts to change something in themselves and in the prevailing habits!

to answer these questions it is important to understand what is wrong with the script?

1. The script makes us proprietary and insincere in the choice of their behavior and its relationship to life events.

2. Support it takes a huge amount of energy, Personal Power and time.

3. Living according to the scenario, a person living not his own life, and imposed on him a script of a particular role. This life is not true, not real. And in this case only the player, playing some role, that is, wears the mask that he unconsciously put on ourselves.

4. Being the scenario, people can not afford spiritual closeness.

5. The scenario inevitably makes human life unhappy and leads to conflicts in the family and society, is the cause of many diseases.

That is, a life according to the scenario reminds of a person's life in prison. Yes, sad, Yes, horrible, but the food is free! And, indeed, the scenario is nothing like an inner prison of the person with the difference that the prison he built himself!

so, the conclusion is simple and logical. to get Rid of life scenario is simply a must for every reasonable person! otherwise human life is flawed, and he will not be able to fulfill their life's purpose, your mission.

Psychotherapy, directed at realization and development of life scenario, it is efficient and possible with the appropriate experience and qualifications of the expert.

In the process of therapy achieved a complete realization of his script, and psychological mechanisms of its manifestation in life. Usually the person says in the situation of his distant past, he formed a scenario what is the role of parents and other relatives in the formation of this script, and then he becomes able to get rid of the script and become FREE.

And it means to BECOME a MASTER of HIS LIFE and changed himself to change the world around you!!!

Sergei Shmatko
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