– Well, Hello! Did not expect?

– Why are you here? Go!

You remember?

– I don't remember?

– because We were good together.

– Not really, I was bad.

Not true, you were good, we were good...

Is my current situation, and then I was sick. Go now!

' I can't. We loved each other. And now you pretend it didn't happen...

– was Not! I was sick. But now good. I finally got rid of you. Well?! Are you still here?!

– I can't leave.

– Okay, then I'll leave. Goodbye! And don't touch me anymore!


– again, Hello... You took off so quickly then... I don't have time to tell you...

– Oh, it's you again! Well, as you can! I have done everything to get rid of you. Get lost!!!


– Okay, no greeting this time. I can't leave unless you run away from me. While you are trying to cut off... thrown away... to forget... to pretend that it didn't matter... it was only bad... it wasn't love...


Well? What? What?!

– you're good now, right?


– Then why are you crying?

What?! I? I do not...... ... ... ...

– Well, finally.

– ... I miss you... it Hurts to let you go... Afraid without you... So many things happened... It was familiar... It was me... So what could it be then... It was love... so, what could be then...

– Yes.

– I wanted to get away from where I was bad. Wanted to get rid of you. I've already made the leap where I please. Why are you following me?

– So you're not torn to pieces, and regained his integrity. The past is impossible to tear, throw out, turn away and forget. It can be taken. Even if it was very bad, it's not just bad, but good. Good it is important to keep. From poor to draw conclusions. But if something is already dead, then it is important to bury and to mourn, not to throw it away, turning away from the pain, because it was something meaningful.

– But I already moved into the future, where I please. Why is everything going?

– You tried to jump into the future without saying goodbye to the past. It's like jumping forward, still tied to the leg elastic – it will bring you back. To be a good film to watch in the future, it is necessary to rely on the past.


the Past, whether it is some kind of relationship, some person, some event, some part of us, our condition or way to live – deserves respect. Even if it brought suffering. To say "I don't need it anymore", turn around and run, not working. With the past it is important to establish contact and to release it gradually, sensibly, as available.

Sometimes it is necessary to say goodbye to him as a close friend. Because something in the past was part of us. And, for example, the arm just will not come off, and will not throw.

Sometimes in therapy that the therapist is in a hurry, hurries the client to take and go from problem to resource. It seems to be all for it, and the client of something clinging to the past for their suffering. But he, along with the suffering let go some part of himself...

it Happens that after a positive session man becomes ill, gets worse or shows "the runaway" (alcohol, wasting time in the Internet, etc.). Probably, the work has brought a major change. Some part of yourself you need to let go, to bury. And this causes sadness, as the loss of close. A person can get lost in this sadness or running away from it. And then it is important that the sadness is to live, to conduct some kind of ritual farewell release - releasing that self which is no longer in the present.


image Source - deviantart.

Ivanova Elena
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